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Benefits of Boarding School: Ways in which Residential Schools Improve Personality

By SchoolMyKids Counsellor|4 - 5 mins read| April 10, 2020

There are a lot of mixed feelings about boarding schools. Everything we do for our children makes them heavily dependent upon us. In such circumstances, sending the children off to boarding schools does look like a harsh decision. Mostly, boarding schools are used as a warning to threaten the children into doing things they don’t want to do. But, boarding schools do everything but impact your children in the wrong way. They seem to bring personality changes in children that, in fact, are rare virtues we try to imbibe in them. You can also find the list of best Boarding schools in India.

Advantages of Boarding School

Below are the ways in which boarding schools enhance personality

1. Independence

We often molly-coddle our children so much that they tend to become totally dependent upon us. They look up us as parents for making their decisions for them, assisting them in homework and even enhance their social life. And throwing them into the whirlpool of adult life where they need to make their decisions, becomes a process too overwhelming for them. Boarding schools help carve children as independent beings. They learn from their decisions or mistakes and are fully capable of realizing what is right or wrong. They are also responsible for their academia and performance in school.

2. Time Management

The children in boarding schools are responsible for their time. They have studies, extracurricular activities, necessary and optional curriculum, and self-awareness of standing up to expectations. They are the master of their own schedule and learn how to shape and carve their day while managing their time efficiently and effectively.

3. Cooperation

This is a rare virtue that board schoolers get privy to quite early in life. They are quickly adaptable to new people, friends, and learn how to cooperate with each other. The presence of different ethnicities and cultures make them open to new ideologies and helps them develop tolerance and understanding of each other’s lifestyle. Hence, cooperation becomes a must for harmonious living.

4. Basic Life Skills

Boarding schools help the kids in learning basic life skills- skills that they otherwise tend to skip at home. Balancing work and play on their own, engaging in the laundry, handling tiny everyday issues, basic life skills are known to the students. This also helps them attain a sense of independence and confidence to battle all scenarios.

5. Communication Skills

When the students are on their own, they have to successfully express themselves- be it in school, dorm, etc. It’s a survival methodology, if you say it, only then you will get it. The teachers too are aware of all students by their names, and hence they seek to encourage children in speaking up. Debates, theatrics, and such curriculums are very common in boarding schools. Rarely are children at boarding schools laden with inhibitions. They know when to speak up and how.

6. Broader Perspective

Sharing their routines and practically their lives with children of other ethnicities and socio-economic backgrounds, boarding school students develop a broader sense of things. They get a flavor of different backgrounds, race, and cultures and easily adapt to them. They turn out to be emphatic and sensitive to other cultures and people.

7. Lasting Bonds

There are friendships, and there are bonds that last. Friends in boarding schools have sibling-like bonding. They practically grow up together and get to know each other inside out. With reliable friendships and lasting bonds, they feel emotionally secure and attached towards others.

8. Manners and Etiquettes

Boarding schools are very strict about manners and etiquettes, and the students generally stand apart as well behaved adults. They are so used to conveying pleasantries, asking for permissions, respecting each other’s cultures, togetherness in celebrations, that they cannot imagine it any other way.

9. Adaptability

Boarding school students are not picky eaters or complainers. They take life as it comes to them. Hence, while parents try to commensurate their cooking skills to the taste of their children, the boarding school children would say Bon Apetit to the tinde ki sabzi. They are immensely adaptable to situations and circumstances.

Boarding schools are becoming popular schooling choices opted by parents. The ambiance, lifestyle, and environment provided by boarding schools act as a perfect catalyst for the children. They develop the rare virtues of independence, learn and excel in necessary life skills, are not picky eaters. Though staying away from part pinches initially, but the kind of personality makeover good boarding schools do for their students is amazing.

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