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Latest Reviews

Sep 15, 2023|Parent of current or passed out student
Worst school
Worst school, they will just call you several time for fees but do not take care of children, don't know from where they bring teachers, all are illiterate, better to put your kids in government school which would be better from this.
Sep 15, 2023|Review based on friends/family/personal experience
NEVER EVER SUGGEST OR RECOMMEND FOR THIS SCHOOL AS THEY ARE CREATING DIFFERENCE IN STUDENTS COMING FROM DIFFERENT SCHOOL SINCE GRADE 1. If there is stars in minus then I would have give this school process a -100 Stars. Initially I thought to go for Zebar School but I got a call from Admission department and just see below what they say is their process: "We give priority to Students coming from Bodakdev School of Children, and if your child is not from that school then you need to follow below process" -- this is the first difference. "First your child will have interaction with teacher" -- till hear it is all fine and perfect, now see what next comes "Once your child clears the interaction then you have to PAY A BIG AMOUNT I.E RS. 1 LAKH Non-Refundable for next round which is an ASSESSMENT, we will provide you the learning material , admission forms and all other helpful material to make student easy for Assessment." So what is this have you ever heard that an Assessment for Admission to Grade 1 could be of 1 Lakh Rupees. Now the third thing "Once your child clears this Assessment then your child will get Admission and then you have to pay Admission Fee, Tution Fee and other Fees" this is totally separate then the above 1 Lakh fee. SO THE STUDENTS COMING FROM BODAKDEV SCHOOL WILL get admission and other should follow such process, this type of process initiates a difference of mind set in both the students and this difference will last in there mind till all GRADES. I also asked that Admin member to let their senior or head of Admission team contact me regarding this process as this is not the right process of providing education. IT MEANS ZEBAR SCHOOL OF CHILDREN IS NOT A SCHOOL BUT A BUSINESS FIRM WHICH TAKES BIG DONATION IN THE NAME OF ASSESSMENT. THIS IS MY TRUE FEEDBACK NOT A FAKE ONE.
Sep 14, 2023|Review based on friends/family/personal experience
stop treating teachers like this they are not your servants and speacially be aware of RP the hostel incharge and Rudofl the principle
Herewith I want to share my dishearting experiences which I had to face recently but even from the starting as an employee at DRS International school »» (1)»At the first day of my joining in the school I was being told by the Principle Sir and the Director Sir to stay away from Mr Bharat and Mr Umesh and no need to sit in the Sports room as they are not good persons by nature . (2)» I was unaware with few School policies because of that some misunderstanding happened between me and the management regarding the money collected from the students but I gave my sincere explanation then also I was treated like I have done some fraud with the school. (3)» When i rejoined the school after winter vacations Respected Principle Sir told me that he has not approved my leave so, he will deduct the salary but I was on the leave with prior permission and approval by Principle Sir and Director Sir, When in mean while I came to know that they have already appointed another Basketball coach but I was already on role this shows that they were finding reason to remove me . In relation to the above statement I would like to share recent incident which happened in the school at evening hostel Sports time . (4)»Recently few days back on 31st January 2020 Friday I was taking my Hostle evening basketball class with Hostle students ,I was engaged in my basketball session and the residential coordinator Mr Rp Sir just came inside and interrupted the game and started telling me Sir this boy Akhil is not supposed to play .Then I said sorry sir 40minutes are already over and only 10 minutes are left for the class and yu didn't inform me that this boy Akhil is not supposed to play .Then Rp Sir aggressively reaching towards me said can I talk with Akhil ,I said yes sir yu can giving all respect to Rp Sir I dismissed the game in between and told akhil to come out and talk to Sir, then Rp Sir aggressively went towards Akhil and pushed him and slapped him 2 times on his face in front all the juniors and senior students and even i front of the New basketball coach Uma Shanker Sir and me ,then I said I will not tolerate this behaviour in my class ,then Rp Sir of the school said I can do anything and he started shouting and disrespecting me in front of entire basketball team ,inside the court during the play this behaviour is against the the conduct of the basketball court and as well as the school policies. I was surprised by the immature behaviour and I reacted as it was necessary for the interest of School and keeping respect of the basketball court. After all this Rp Sir at that moment called Principle Sir and Principle Sir came and Rp Sir whispered something in his ear and when I wanted to say something to Principle Sir, he straight forward said me ( I dont want to hear anything from you) and he started walking towards his office along with Rp Sir. Afterward I called Bharat Sir and told him to come out in the ground and when he came outside I told him everything what happened ,Bharat Sir went to the Principle office as Principle Sir and Rp Sir were already sitting there and Bharat Sir talked with the Principle and Rp Sir while standing , suddenly Bharat Sir came out of the office and Principle Sir called me inside and said your services are not required from tomorrow. I asked Principle Sir about the reason for the judgement ,without giving me any chance to explain my point of view .It seemed liked they were targeting me and waiting for the reason to remove me from the school and unfortunately to say Principle Sir was acting in a very unprofessional way . The body language of Rp Sir was so casual i front of Principle Sir it was giving an impression that he dont have any respect on this residential coordinator post for the Principle Sir also .

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