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Tools for Learning and Development

With rapid rise in data available on the Internet and availability of multiple versions of the same content, the students of all age groups are facing difficulty in identifying, understanding and remembering.

We believe using data in an intelligent way can help shape learners’ experience. We offer a smart way to personalize and curate learning content by providing carefully selected and user-focused eLearning content.

Learning and Development Tools by SchoolMyKids

Learning Tools

Let the kids learn and grasp the knowledge with the help of our materials and kits.

Interactive Dynamic Periodic Table

Compare Elements – Periodic Table Element Comparison

Compare Periodic Table Elements to know difference between elements and for common characteristics between elements. Use our Periodic Table element Comparison tool to compare elements on all properties.

Periodic Table & Property Trends

Explore our Dynamic Periodic Table of Elements to learn Chemical Elements and their properties. Explore Periodicity – Periodic Trends of elements