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KAIROS School0 Answers

What is the best CBSE School in Hyderabad ?

  • Published: 6 Jul
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Sumit Kansal
Sumit Kansal0 Answers

How to make DIY paper flowers ?

  • Published: 29 Jun
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Shashank Awale
Shashank Awale0 Answers

Top Gymnastic Movies for Kids?

  • Published: 29 Jun
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Rohit Palkar
Rohit Palkar0 Answers

Amazing Disney Movies That Kids Will Love to Watch?

  • Published: 29 Jun
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Krithika Malik
Krithika Malik1 Answers

What are the fabric painting ideas for kids?

Doing paintings has always been fun for children, be it on paper or fabric. Fabric painting is fantastic for kids crafts and they can create some unique and beautiful designs on their shirts, pillow covers, plain bedsheets, cushion covers etc. There are some fabric painting ideas for kids that they can do easily at home. But before that, there are some tips for preparing fabric for painting-

1. Place cardboard or thick paper underneath the piece of cloth

2. Always wash and iron the cloth before painting to remove excess residue and wrinkles

3. Do not use softener, as it may prevent the paint from sticking

After doing painting on fabric, place the cloth under the sun for 5-7 days and then wash it.

Fabric Painting Ideas for kids

1. Using Stencils

They can make a beautiful design on cloth using the stencil. For this, they need a cloth, Acrylic paints, paintbrush, any designed stencil and masking tape. All these materials can be easily available at the stationery shop.

Now, take a cloth and place cardboard underneath to straighten it. Place the designed stencil on it and paste its corners using masking tape. Take acrylic colours on a paintbrush and just dap over the design. Let it dry for some time and then remove the stencil from the cloth very carefully. Your design on the cloth is ready. It will look great on fabric and very easy to do for kids.

2. Using Vegetables

Vegetables are also the best medium to do fabric painting. You can use potato or ladyfinger for making a beautiful design. Cut the potato in half, paint its inner side and then simply print it on paper. In the same way, ladyfinger is used. Cut ladyfinger from anywhere, paint its inner side and then print it on paper. If kids want to do something more creative then they can cut the potato in a different shape as shown in the image.

  • Published: 24 Jun
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Pavithra Kashyap
Pavithra Kashyap0 Answers

What are the benefits of fennel seeds?

  • Published: 24 Jun
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Tilak Nath
Tilak Nath18 Answers

Should the legal age to consume alcohol be decreased? What are the ways to educate teens about proper alcohol drinking age & related health hazards?

No, the legal age to consume alcohol should not be decreased.
College students consuming alcohol is inevitable — while not all choose to partake in drinking, many do. Drinking alcohol can lead to unsafe conditions. An altered state of mind impairs individuals which makes them more vulnerable to injury, sexual assault and even death. 
The best way to educate them about the hazards of consuming alcohol is through their parents.
A parent should educate their children about the dangers of alcohol and encourage them to hold off drinking until at least 21.

  • Published: 6 May
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Ashy Zacharia
Ashy Zacharia17 Answers

Do you think that its high-time that sex education should be taken seriously in schools in India?

Yes , all the teenager student need and adult need a sex education , and it all start from the home , I think it is a responsibility of a parent as well as a teacher 

  • Published: 11 May
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ankita srivastava
ankita srivastava20 Answers

Do you think that you can effectively discipline your kid without using physical punishment ?

Slapping and blows down the head is harmful. Children who been through this tend to develop more aggressive behaviors and an increased risk of mental health disorders.

  • Published: 21 May
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Aishwarya Nidamarthi
Aishwarya Nidamarthi19 Answers

What's your fondest memory of your grandparents?

Having lived with my grandparents since the very beginning, there are uncountable memories. I'll write a few here. I and my grandparents will together feed our pet 'Sweety'. It will always wag it's tail and inform my grandparents that I'm coming back from school. My grandmother is an excellent cook and would always prepare special dishes for me. The joy on my grandparents' face when I win a competition or top in class is inexplicable in words. My grandparents are the life of the family.

  • Published: 23 May
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Arusha Priyadarshani
Arusha Priyadarshani12 Answers

Do Children Need Privacy in Their Lives?

As my point of view.. its depend on children age well yess privacy is a kind thier own freedom that what they like to do so yess at one stage we need to give privacy to our children. Then parents will also understand their children that what their kids actually thinking about surrounding how their kids taking thing into their mind...

Privacy is good thing to explore their own mind of creativity or let them knw that actually what children wants..Parents should respect their child thought n help to correct them if they are going on wrong way in polite manner.

  • Published: 1 May
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Preeti Khare
Preeti Khare12 Answers

How students can keep themselves fit and active looking to current situation?

Multiple games and activities helps children to remain fit in this current situtaion.. cooking , arts and crafts are extraordinary opportunities for children to confront problems and find ways to solve them.

  • Published: 20 May
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