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“Learning is more effective when it is an active rather than a passive.”

— Kurt Lewin

We are an Online Community of Parents. We will Guide you from Naming your Baby to Parenting to finding the Right School and College for Education.

Name Your Baby

Find the Perfect Name for Your Baby/Newborn from list of 85,000 unique name (Largest list of baby names available.)


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SchoolMyKids – Find A Great School

SchoolMyKids helps parents choose the right school for their kids for Day Care, Nursery, Primary, Middle, Secondary and Higher Secondary schooling in India.

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We also provide free tools to make learning simple, fun and interactive for school and college students.

SchoolMyKids – Find A Great College

SchoolMyKids helps parents and students choose the right college for their kids for Medical, Dental, Nursing and Paramedical courses in India.

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