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How to Keep Your Child Occupied During Summer Holidays?

By Kanika Gautam|3 - 4 mins read| February 16, 2023

The summer holidays are blissful if you are a child, but can be a nightmare if you are a parent. It becomes even more difficult if you are a working parent. You have to be very involved with your children during these 5-6 weeks of free time. It is a monumental task to keep kids occupied during summer. You have to come up with a lot of innovative plans to keep them engaged and active. You can also read about activities for kids.

Ideas for Keeping Kids Busy During Summer Holidays

Kids love activity. The advent of technology has made physical activity rare. The maximum activity is tied up with digital games and screens. The addiction to screens has made things a tad different. Kids need constant activity to keep them away from becoming hooked to digital media. Here are some innovative activities to keep kids busy.

Play With Dirt

Kids love playing with dirt. Get creative pots and knick knacks for them. Show them how to build a terrarium. The idea of getting their hands muddy will excite them. Take them to the nursery to choose the plants they like. This will be a learning process where they will learn about botany, soil types, gardening and so much more. They will feel responsible for their plants. It teaches them responsibility and creativity in a fun way! Seeing their terrariums flourish will keep them happy. Once they are done decorate your house with the planters.

Join Sports Clubs

Sports clubs are fun ways of keeping kids busy over vacation. The timing is fixed, and your child learns a new sport. He can make friends and enjoy while being outdoors too. There are many clubs that run classes for swimming and other sports over the period.

Join a Book Reading Club

Get your child to join a book reading club. The use of gadgets has drowned out the excitement of turning pages of a new book. When your child interacts with book lovers he will find interest in the world of words. This will provide you with some free time and your child with a book reading habit. Books are indeed, the windows to a new world. Imagination, creativity and concentration powers will increase. It may even encourage him to write.

Build Things

Get the child engaged in building something. If you have a lawn, it could be a tree house. If you live in an apartment, you could get him to paint a mural on one of the walls. If he likes colours and has a vivid imagination, you will find him occupied and excited about his project.

There are many things that could be a part of keeping kids busy during the holiday.  You could go for a vacation, take long hikes, play board games, and visit friends you never find enough time for, or just laze around the house with your kid. It could be a time that fosters bonding between parents and children. You all could take time off from your busy schedules to talk. Many times this is near impossible as our daily routines are paced with routine chores. A summer holiday is a good time to take out time to communicate.

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