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10 Best Bedtime Stories for Kids 2023 | Children’s Bedtime Stories to Read

By Harita Patil|3 - 4 mins read| May 06, 2023

Childhood has always been considered as the most memorable and golden period for every child. Among other memories of childhood, reading meaningful and moral stories is one of the most precious activities. From early childhood, children get fascinated by either listening or reading themselves different kinds of stories, some of them they even repeat many a time. There are various genres of stories, but children often enjoy happy ending stories mostly. If you want to know the best short moral stories for kids that they can read at bedtime, then we have created this list of the best stories carrying a great moral for your child.

Reading is such an important activity that helps your child in developing a creative mind as well as boosting memory along with increasing the ability and interest of reading, which further helps in academic pursuits also. Always remember that whatever story your child reads, it leaves an impact on your kid’s mind. Therefore, they should always read a story that can leave a good message nourishing their young minds. Through this article, we share the best bedtime stories to read in 2023.

Best Bedtime Stories for Kids 2023

Here we listed 10 Best Bedtime Stories for Children 2023 or Top Bedtime stories to read

1. The Golden Goose

This is a great story, famous for many years for its great moral message. It is about a farmer who had a goose that used to lay one golden egg every day. The story emphasises the theme of greed and its adverse consequences. It’s an all-time favourite story for every child.

2. The Ant And The Grasshopper

It’s a beautiful story based upon working hard in the present for a better and prosperous future. It tells the story of two characters, one hardworking ant and another, a lazy grasshopper. Through this tale, you can teach your child about the value of time and hard work in life.

3. The Woodcutter and the Axe

It is a tale that shows the moral of honesty, which involves a poor woodcutter who loses his axe in a river. It deals in making your child realize about the honesty and how you get rewards by following its path.

4. The Greedy Crocodile

It’s a tale based on a theme of greed where it describes an encounter revolving around a boy, a crocodile, and a rabbit. The story is a fine example in itself about guiding your child the ill fate of greed.

5. Friends Forever

It’s a fine story about the friendship of a frog and a mouse describing how your actions against others can hit back you. It’s a great tale, with a strong message of not doing wrong for others highlighting of Karma.

6. Prince and the Snake

This is a story about the journey of a prince whose body gets invaded by a devil snake and how he manages to escape from its clutches at last.

7. Lion and the Mouse

This narration explains the theory of small acts of kindness gets rewarded always, and even a small entity, irrespective of its size can deliver great things in life even in tough situations. It also teaches your child with a lesson of helping tendency and appreciating others.

8. Rabbit & Tortoise

One of the most famous tales of everybody’s childhood. It is a great story about a rabbit and a tortoise where tortoise wins the race from the rabbit describing the famous saying, “Slow and steady wins the race”. It also teaches your child that constant efforts make you a winner always.

9. Alibaba & 40 thieves

It’s a great story about a man Alibaba, and his greedy brother, where Alibaba gets rewarded for his generous and kind behaviour while his greedy brother loses his life for being greedy and jealous. It delivers a great message for your child, to be wise and generous in life.

10. The Ugly Duckling

It is also one of the famous stories of all time, that deal with a concept of appearance. It emphasizes the truth that beauty does not make you superior. It shows the struggles of an ugly duckling and the hurdles it faces due to its ugly appearance. It gives a great message to your child that does not consider or recognize anyone bad or ugly because of their poor appearance.


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