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Top 25 Schools in Italy

By Ankita Motwani|3 - 4 mins read| April 03, 2024

Italy is one of the finest and most beautiful countries in Europe. Every student from around the world wants to go and study in Italy.

Italy is culturally rich, with historic architecture and amazing cuisine available in the country. Italy has a rich and unique schooling system to ensure excellent academic standards for every student. There is a 5-hour, 6-day schooling system in Italy with different subjects and themes.

25 Best Schools in Italy

Here is a list of the 25 top schools in Italy.

  1. European School of Varese: A government-funded school with education in multiple languages
  2. Ambrit International School: The school has a supportive and engaging international environment.
  3. American Overseas School of Rome: The school has a long tradition of providing flourishing and rigorous education for the American curriculum.
  4. Bilingual European School: It is a school with complete stimulation of language to ensure the right development of the formative years of children.
  5. Core International School: It is a school with a 16:1 ratio of students and teachers to ensure individual attention for every student.
  6. English International School: The school is based on a recreational zone with tonnes of sports available in school.
  7. International School of Milan: It is one of the most progressive schools with the highest academic standards.
  8. Little Genius International School: This prestigious institution focuses on ethics, science, and moral education in an inclusive environment.
  9. MILE School: It is a school with a passion for education following the Cambridge Board of Curriculum.
  10. Quality International School: This school follows a logical style of education, which is clearly shown in the attitude of the students who pass out of it.
  11. Rome International School: It is the only eco school available in Italy with environmental studies from the initial year.
  12. Saint Francis International School: The main beliefs of the school are to ensure the social, creative, intellectual, and emotional development of the students.
  13. Southlands International School: This school focuses on lifelong education related to science, technology, physical development, and others.
  14. The British American Preschool: It is a school catering to students from age 2 to 6 and ensuring the development of critical thinking and a second language in the students.
  15. St. Stephen School: This international-minded school ensures the students value becoming global citizens with international academy standards.
  16. The Little English School: The school follows a British curriculum mixed with an Italian national curriculum to ensure the inclusive development of the students.
  17. The new school Rome: The school follows the English national curriculum with a unique approach to examination to ensure the right development of the students.
  18. Udine International School: The school focuses on both the personal and academic development of the students.
  19. Vicenza High School: The school provides a diverse educational programme to the students from 9th to 12th grade.
  20. Villa Girmani High School: This institution has a combined curriculum of English standards and Italian national standards.
  21. Westminster International School: It is a school that ensures a safe and sound environment of learning for every individual learner within a safe and inclusive environment.
  22. International School of Bergamo: This institution has an environment to provide challenging and critical ideas to students to ensure their excellent development.
  23. International School of COMO: The school equipped modern sports facilities as well as running multiple curricula to ensure quick development of the students.
  24. St. Louis School: It is a dynamic and well-established school with a British national curriculum.
  25. Villa Girmani High School: This school has a combined curriculum of English standards and Italian national standards.


These are some of the best schools available in this beautiful country, with top facilities, an excellent curriculum, and amazing sports facilities for every student. You can research some other schools as well, according to the individual needs of your child.


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