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Want to check your child's eligibility for admission to the entry classes in China. Select state/province of China and date of birth below to find out school admission age for your child to begin kindergarten/Preschool and primary school.

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Education System in China

Education in China is primarily managed by the state-run public education system, which falls under the Ministry of Education. All citizens are required to complete nine years school education, also known as nine-year compulsory education, which is government-funded compulsory education.

Stage/School LevelGradeAgeDuration
Elementary / Primary SchoolGrade 1 to Grade 66–126 Years
Middle school / Lower Secondary SchoolGrade 7 to Grade 912–153 Years
High school / Upper Secondary SchoolGrade 10 to Grade 1215–183 Years

In China, the preschool/pre primary education is split into early childhood education for 0 to 2 year-olds and kindergarten for 3 to 6 year-old kids.

In China, primary school education is compulsory and it lasts 6 years. Children start schools at age six. Lower secondary education lasts three years following the completion of elementary school.

After the completion of lower secondary school, students can enter either senior secondary school or vocational senior secondary school. senior secondary school lasts 3 years.

Age Criteria for Admission to Schools in China

Stage/School LevelYearAges
Elementary / Primary SchoolGrade 1 (Year 2)6–7
Elementary / Primary SchoolGrade 2 (Year 3)7–8
Elementary / Primary SchoolGrade 3 (Year 4)8–9
Elementary / Primary SchoolGrade 4 (Year 5)9–10
Elementary / Primary SchoolGrade 5 (Year 6)10–11
Elementary / Primary SchoolGrade 6 (Year 7)11–12
Middle school / Lower Secondary SchoolGrade 7 (Year 8)12–13
Middle school / Lower Secondary SchoolGrade 8 (Year 9)13–14
Middle school / Lower Secondary SchoolGrade 9 (Year 10)14–15
High school / Upper Secondary SchoolGrade 10 (Year 11)15–16
High school  / Upper Secondary SchoolGrade 11 (Year 12)16–17
High school  / Upper Secondary SchoolGrade 12 (Year 13)17–18

above information is based on the resources available on Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China.

Grade/Class Age Equivalent Chart by Country

You can use the below international grade comparision chart for age and grade comparision by popular countries.

Age of ChildEngland & WalesScotlandUSAAustraliaIndiaThailandKoreaMalaysiaSwedenJapanSpain
3NurseryPlaygroupPre-schoolPre-schoolNurseryEarly ChildhoodKinderPlaygroupPre-schoolKinder1º Educación infantil
4ReceptionNurseryPre-schoolPre-schoolKG 1KinderKinderKinderPre-schoolKinder 2º Educación infantil
5Year 1P1KinderKinderKG 2KinderKinderKinderPre-schoolKinder 3º Educación infantil
6Year 2P2Grade 1Year 1Grade 1Pratom 1Grade 1Star. 1Skolar 1Grade 11º Primaria
7Year 3P3Grade 2Year 2Grade 2Pratom 2Grade 2Star. 2Skolar 2Grade 2 2º Primaria
8Year 4P4Grade 3Year 3Grade 3Pratom 3Grade 3Star. 3Skolar 3Grade 3 3º Primaria
9Year 5P5Grade 4Year 4Grade 4Pratom 4Grade 4Star. 4Skolar 4Grade 4 4º Primaria
10Year 6P6Grade 5Year 5Grade 5Pratom 5Grade 5Star. 5Skolar 5Grade 5 5º Primaria
11Year 7P7Grade 6Year 6Grade 6Pratom 6Grade 6Star. 6Skolar 6Grade 6 6º Primaria
12Year 8P8Grade 7Year 7Grade 7Matayom 1MS 1Form 1Skolar 7Lower 1 1º ESO
13Year 9P9Grade 8Year 8Grade 8Matayom 2MS 2Form 2Skolar 8Lower 22º ESO
14Year 10P10Grade 9Year 9Grade 9Matayom 3MS 3Form 3Skolar 9Lower 33º ESO
15Year 11P11Grade 10Year 10Grade 10Matayom 4HS 1Form 41 anHigh 14º ESO
16Year 12P12Grade 11Year 11Grade 11Matayom 5HS 2Form 52 anHigh 21º Bachillerato
17Year 13P13Grade 12Year 12Grade 12Matayom 6HS 3Form 63 anHigh 32º Bachillerato

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