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25 Best Schools in Australia

By Kriti Chabra|4 - 5 mins read| April 03, 2024

When it comes to world-class education, there is no better place than Australia. Besides, the schools in Australia are known for focusing on innovation and offering exemplary curriculum, faculty, and facilities. This is because the government of Australia primarily emphasizes the economic benefits that quality education has for an economy. So, if you’re confused about which school is the best in Australia, read below this article to discover the 25 best schools in Australia.

List of Best Schools in Australia

Here is the list of 25 best schools in Australia for your kids:

1. Bellfield College

Located in West Rossmore, it is a leading co-educational institution with a strong emphasis on academic excellence and all-round development.

2. Heritage College

Heritage College, situated in Adelaide, was founded in 1993 and is counted among the top co-educational institutions in Australia. It is particularly known for offering excellent academic programs and faculty.

3. Bold Park Community School

Established in 1998, Bold Park Community School is a leading institution known for offering nature and child-centered education to its students.

4. Red Rock Christian School

Situated in Melbourne, Red Rock Christian School was founded in 2006. Within 18 years of its establishment, the school has earned a name for offering world-class academic facilities.

5. International School of Western Australia

In accordance with the Australian curriculum, the International School of Western Australia is particularly known for its academic excellence and overall development of its students.

6. Freshwater Christian College

Founded in 1983, Freshwater Christian College is known for offering a collaborative and safe environment for the students’ overall academic development.

7. Anglican Church Grammar School

The Anglican Church Grammar School was established in 1912 and is well recognized for offering diverse learning opportunities.

8. Mountain District Christian School

If you’re looking for a co-educational school in Australia, this school is a good option to consider. With exclusive opportunities for the development of kids from preschool to K–12, the school also features an excellent faculty.

9. Canberra Girls Grammar School

Situated in Canberra, Canberra Girls Grammar School is counted among the top independent Anglican schools in Australia. This elite institution is known for its strong focus on academic and athletic programs alike.

10. St. Catherine’s School

Situated in the heart of Sydney, St. Catherine’s School is recognized as one of the oldest all-girls’ Anglican schools in the world.

11. German International School

Located in Sydney, the German International School is a leading multilingual school in Australia, offering exemplary education to students from all around the globe.

12. Fitzroy Community School

It is a well-known independent primary school in Melbourne, known for providing academic excellence, having a strong emphasis on values, and having a supportive environment.

13. Firbank Grammar School

Established in 1909, Firbank Grammar School is located in Brighton, Melbourne. It is counted among the leading dayboarding schools in the city, with a focus on traditions, world-class facilities, and well-rounded development.

14. Great Southern Grammar School

With an exclusive campus, Great Southern Grammar School is also well-recognized for offering exclusive education along with a focus on both cultural and sports programs.

15. Hills International College

With exceptional educational opportunities, Hills International College is recognized for providing quality education to students from preschool to K–12.

16. Living Waters Lutheran College

Established in 1997, Loving Waters Lutheran College is an elite institution known for its academic excellence with a strong focus on providing a supportive educational environment.

17. St. Mary’s College

According to the Australian curriculum, this school was founded in 1869 in Adelaide. Besides, the school is best known for offering a collaborative environment to the kids.

18. Medowie Christian School

The Medowie Christian School, located in Sydney, is well recognized for empowering its students to recognize their full potential and providing them with a supportive environment for their overall development.

19. Abbotsleigh

Founded in 1885, Abbotsleigh is a girls’ dayboarding school providing leading education and growth opportunities to girls.

20. Aitken College

Aitken College is known for offering a safe and supportive environment to students, with a strong emphasis on providing quality education.

21. The Friends School

Established in 1887, the Friends School is situated in Hobart. The school holds the title of the largest Quaker school in the world.

22. West Moreton Anglican College

Founded in 1855, West Moreton Anglican College is well-recognized for offering world-class faculty that focuses on providing excellent academics and diverse learning opportunities to the students.

23. Al-Hikma College

Located in Lakemba, Sydney, Al Hikma College is one of the best independent schools, known for offering exceptional educational facilities to its students.

24. Agnew School

Situated in Brisbane, the Agnew School is well-recognized for offering diverse educational opportunities besides having a strong focus on athletics.

25. Aetaomah School

The Aetaomah School is situated in New South Wales and was founded in 1991. The school is known for the overall development of its students, including their values and understanding.


Looking for the best schools in Australia? The above article lists the top 25 schools in Australia with excellent academic and co-curricular facilities. In addition, these schools are also known for offering world-class faculty for the overall development of their students.

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