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Kanhwara International School, Kanhwara, Kundam

School is up to Middle School (VI-VIII) and affiliated to . The School is a Coed Day School, with classes from I to VIII. It is an English Medium school.



Private School


Coed - Day School

Gender - Boarding

Kanhwara International School, Kanhwara

About School

Know about Kanhwara International School, Kanhwara, Kundam: Board & Curriculum, Admission Procedure, Fees & Fee Structure, Contact Details, Facilities and Ranking, Rating and Reviews.

Kanhwara International School, Kanhwara Kundam, is a Middle School (VI-VIII). The School is a Coed Day School, with classes from I to VIII. It is an English Medium school. The school is located in Kanhwara area of Kundam, Madhya Pradesh. Kanhwara International School, Kanhwara was established in . It is a Private School .

Basic facts about Kanhwara International School, Kanhwara:
Year Established


School Type

Private School




Day School


Class I - Class VIII

Admission Period

School Level
Primary School (I-V) - Middle School (VI-VIII)

Kanhwara International School Kanhwara is a Coed Day School, which serves the educational needs of hundreds of students from I through VIII. The classes in Kanhwara International School for every academic year begins in April.

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Kanhwara, Madhya Pradesh 483110

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