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CBSE Class 10th English Communicative Syllabus 2022-23 and Past Papers (Code No. 101)

By SchoolMyKids Expert|5 - 6 mins| February 14, 2023

CBSE Class X English Communicative (Code No. 101) Syllabus 2022-23.  Check out CBSE Class 10th English Communicative Syllabus, CBSE Class 10th English Communicative Previous year question papers, CBSE Class 10th English Communicative Sample Papers.

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Section – Wise Weightage – CBSE Class 10Th  English Communicative (Code No. 101)

Section Total Weightage 80
AReading Skills20
BWriting Skills with Grammar30
CLiterature Textbook and Extended Reading Text30

Note: The Board examination will be of 80 marks, with a duration of three hours.

English Communicative Exam Paper Format And English Communicative Syllabus

Section A: Reading  50 Periods

This section will have two unseen passages of a total of 700-750 words as per the details below :

Q.1: A Factual passage 300-350 words with eight Very Short Answer Type (VSA) Questions.   8 marks

Q. 2: A Discursive passage of 350-400 words with four Short Answer Type Questions of eight marks to test inference, evaluation and analysis and four VSA to test vocabulary and comprehension (two VSA for vocabulary and two for comprehension)   12 marks

Section B: Writing And Grammar  60 Periods

Writing :-

Q. 3: Formal Letter (Complaints / Inquiry / Placing order / letter to the editor) in about 100-120 words. The questions will be thematically based on the Main Course Book. 8 marks

Q.4: Writing a short story based on a given outline or cue/s in about 200-250 words. 10 marks

Grammar :-
The Grammar syllabus will include the following areas in class X.

  1. Tenses
  2. Modals
  3. Use of passive voice
  4. Subject – verb concord\
  5.  Reporting
    1. Commands and requests
    2. Statements
    3. Questions
  6. Clauses:
    1. Noun clauses
    2. Adverb clauses
    3. Relative clauses
  7. Determiners
  8. Prepositions

The above items may be tested through test types as given below:

Q 5: Gap filling with one or two words to test Prepositions, Articles, Conjunctions and Tenses.                                                                  4 marks

Q 6: Editing or Omission                                                                    4 marks

Q 7: Sentences Reordering or Sentence Transformation in context.  4 marks

Section C: Literature Textbook And Extended Reading Text 60 Periods

Q 8. One out of two extracts from prose / poetry / play for reference to context. Four Very Short Answer Questions: Two questions of one mark each for global comprehension and two questions of one mark each on interpretation.  4 marks

Q 9. Four Short Answer type Questions from the Literature Reader to test local and global comprehension of theme and ideas (30-40 words each) 2×4 = 8 Marks

Q 10. One out of two long answer type questions to assess creativity, imagination and extrapolation beyond the text and across the texts. (100-120 words). 8marks

Q.11. One out of two Very Long Answer Question on theme or plot involving interpretation, inference and character, in about 200-250 words based on prescribed novel text for extended reading. 10 Marks



Literature Reader

1. Two Gentlemen of Verona4. A Shady Plot
2 Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger5. Patol Babu
3. The Letter6. Virtually True
1. The Frog and the Nightingale2. Ozymandias
3. The Rime of Ancient Mariner4. Not Marble, nor the Gilded Monuments
5. Snake 
1. The Dear Departed2. Julius Caesar

Main Course Book

1. Health and Medicine4. Environment
2. Education5. Travel and Tourism
3. Science6. National Integration
Extended Reading Texts – (either one)
Diary of a Young Girl – 1947 June 12, 1942 to March 14, 1944 By Anne Frank (unabridged edition) (Published by CBSE) The Story of My Life – 1903, Chapters 1-14 By Helen Keller (unabridged edition)Diary of a Young Girl – 1947 March 16, 1944 to August 01, 1944 By Anne Frank (unabridged edition) (Published by CBSE) The Story of My Life – 1903 Chapters 15-23 By Helen Keller (unabridged edition)

WORK BOOK* – Suggested Break-up of Units for the purpose of classroom teaching only – NOT FOR TESTING (see the following note).

1 Determiners8 Comparison
2 Tenses9 Avoiding Repetition
3 Subject-Verb Agreement10 Nominalization
4 Non-Finites11 Modals
5 Relatives12 Active and Passive
6 Connectors13 Reported Speech
7 Conditionals14 Prepositions

CBSE Class 10th English Communicative Prescribed Books

Published by CBSE, New Delhi


  1. Main Course Book (Revised Edition)
  2. Workbook (Revised Edition)
  3. Literature Reader (Revised Edition)


  1. Diary of a Young Girl – 1947 by Anne Frank (unabridged edition), Published by CBSE
  2. The Story of My Life – 1903 by Helen Keller(unabridged edition)

Class X English Communicative Question Paper Format and Design

TypologyTesting competencies/ learning outcomesVSAQ 1 markSAQ 30-40 words (2 marks)LAQ-II 100-120 words (8 marks)VLAQ 200-250 words (HOTS) (10 marks)Marks
Reading SkillsConceptual understanding, decoding, analyzing, inferring, interpreting and vocabulary120420
Creative Writing Skills and GrammarExpressing an opinion, reasoning, justifying, illustrating, appropriacy of style and tone, using appropriate format and fluency. Applying con¬ventions, using integrated structures with accuracy and fluency12010130
Literature Textbook and Extended Reading TextsRecalling, reasoning, appreciating, applying literary conventions, extrapolating, illustrating and justifying etc. Extracting relevant information, identifying the central theme  and sub themes, understanding the writer’s message and writing fluently.0404010130
Total 28 x 01  = 28 marks08 x 02  = 16 marks02 x 08 = 16 marks02 x 10 = 20 marks80 marks

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