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Tips for Celebrating Holi with Kids at Home

By Abbas|4 - 5 mins read| April 10, 2024

Read this article for important tips to make the festival of colour, Holi fun and safe for kids this year. Read these important tips for celebrating holi with kids at home.

What is Holi Festival?

Holi is one of the biggest festivals of India celebrated by Hindus and many people. As this festival is amalgamated, with colours and sweets, it is specifically liked by kids. Apart from having some religious beliefs, Holi is also celebrated, for the arrival of the spring season and its abundant colours and a farewell to the winter season. Celebrating Holi with kids at home is always a blissful event as it brings intrinsic joy and pleasure for the kids as well as elders. This astonishing festival also draws people from different faiths closer by celebrating it all together.

How is Holi celebrated for kids?

Celebrating Holi with kids at home is not confined to any specific age, gender, and class. But, because of the fun activities through spreading and throwing colours and water on each other, it is mostly enjoyed and loved by the kids. Along with colours, sweets are also loved by kids that connect the children of all ages well.

Best Tips for celebrating Holi with kids at home

On this Holi, if you are looking to celebrate the auspicious occasion of Holi along with your kids at home, then you can follow the few best steps mentioned below to make this fest Holi memorable for both your kids and yourself.

Include kids in Rangoli

No festival is complete without the rangoli designs drawn on the floor of the home in or out. These designs are made through different colour powders that create a buzz among the children always. They always get keen to participate in making these colourful designs. If you are celebrating Holi with kids at home, then induce your kids in assisting the elders in creating good designs. This will also make them feel a part of the activity, advancing their craft and art skills and involving with the family better.

Indulge the kids in making Sweets at home

As most of us are fond of those childhood memories when we used to sit with our elders while preparing sweets at home. Among ‘Gujiya’, which is an exclusive sweet for Holi, prepares at home, it is always special for kids to see its preparation by moms and help them make it. It enhances the joy of the festival as well as develops a better family bonding from their early childhood. Children are always good imitators and try to copy what and how their elders do in making these sweets. Assign them small tasks of preparing the homemade sweets.

Make organic colours for kids

Holi is a festival of colours, with the hope of turning our lives colourful too. As we throw and sprinkle vibrant colours on each other with fun and joy, ensure to use organic colours at home instead of getting the other regular colour powders. Mostly these colours are made of harmful chemicals that can hurt the fragile skin of your kid and may harm the eyes too. Organic colours are safe for you and your kids and also eco-friendly to the environment. Wheat leaves, turmeric, henna, and other natural components can be used at home to make these real and safe colours at home, making the eminent festival more delightful.

Organize a kids party at home

Organizing a party at home with foods, music, and closed ones would enrich the fun of the festival. Also, seek advice from your little ones in setting themes, decorations, and different arrangements of the party to keep them involved in the event. This also increases the interest, confidence, and bonding between the family, seeing their role being noticed and appreciated. Also, make sure that the party should be organized for the kids so include those ideas and activities that they can enjoy first.

Avoid water or wet colours

Holi is celebrated through dry colours and wet colours also. Make sure that if the atmosphere is not warm enough, then do not play with wet colours as it can get them sick, easily. Though you can enjoy the festival with water, and wet colours for sure but this will induce the kids to imitate you somewhere. Therefore, leading a good example before your kids, keep the festival healthy and safe for your kid’s health on the priority.

After following these tips, you will certainly be going to experience a memorable festival of Holi that will bring only happiness and unlimited joy for your kids and family.

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