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5 Ways You Can Make Holi Memorable for your Children

By Pushpa Joshi|4 - 5 mins read| February 15, 2023

Holi 2023 is almost here. As parents to children who interact more with gadgets than real people, it’s a struggle for parents to keep the spirit of Holi alive. A significant factor in the apprehension with respect to Holi is the notoriety that is associated with the festivity. The lack of consent in celebration, drunk driving, and misbehavior is a huge let down in parents encouraging their kids to indulge in celebration. But, the spirit of festivity should be alive. There are ways how you can make holi engaging for the kids.

Ways to Celebrate a Memorable Holi with Kids This Year

Below are five parenting tips for parents to indulge their children in Holi merriment:

1. Holi Crafts

The best thing about Holi is the colorfulness it resonates with. Kids like colors and holi is an excuse for them to indulge in colorfulness. So, let holi be memorable to them by engaging them in festive crafts and activities. Some fun crafts are as mentioned below:

  1. They can engage in Holi card making. Tell your kids that they should make Holi cards for their loved ones. Spread over layers of newspapers; give those oil paints or other colors they like and some craft papers. They would enjoy doing it.
  2. You can prepare a holi artwork for them. Color their hands, and ask them to create some piece of art using bare hands or spray painting.
    There can be other crafts your kids like, and you can indulge them in those crafts. Holi could be the time where the kids get to do their thing with colors.

2. Holi Party

Well, you must coordinate with the parents of other children to organize a holi party. This would involve a little initiation from your end. All parents could go dutch together and one holi party could be thrown in common areas. The one’s living in residential societies bear the advantage of society conducting celebrations. However, if you do not live in a residential society, you still can throw your own contributory holi party for your little ones. This might include some sense of cajoling and getting along the interested parents, but think of all the fun the children will have?

Additionally, the kids can play with natural colors, flowers and dance. They will look forward to Holi every year.

3. Holi Dance

What is a party without dance? If you do manage to garner a lot of children for the party, divide them in groups and state to them about the Holi dance competition. They can dance to a holi song. This will keep them busy and excited till the D-day of Holi. If there are not many children, having all the kids dance could be the X factor of the event, and you can tell them about their star performances.

4. Holi Gourmet Indulgences

Holi is about gujiyas and lovely snacks. While most of us prefer buying them, you can actually indulge in annual holi indulgences. Make some gujiyas at home; you can indulge your children in the exercise as well. There are various easy gujiya making devices available. Ask your kids to assess, and they would love being a part of it. Also, eating something they had contributed in would make them happier.

5. Holi Activities

Be a part of holi activities with your kids. Make them buy the water guns, water balloons, and teach them ways in which they can make holi safe and fun. They must take care of their health while they are indulging in the holi fun. Take them to a park where they can play in the sun. Do not let health and safety concerns curb them from a fun party that Holi is.

There are also many kid-friendly parties that you can look out for. However, it’s more fun for children when they play with the people they know. So, take necessary precautions and brief your children about the dos and don’ts of Holi. Keep them in your vicinity but don’t let your apprehensions affect their celebrations.

Holi 2023 Celebrations will take place on 8th March 2023, so make sure there is already enough excitement in them. This is a generation that is less outdoorsy, and these efficient parenting tips for parents will ensure that Holi become memorable. So pump up their excitement for Holi already!

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