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Why so many school Toppers end up with poor or average grades in College?

By SchoolMyKids Counsellor|1 - 2 mins read| February 15, 2023

Students in India do a lot of hard work for 3-4 years (from 9th Class onwards) to get into their dream college and soon they end up with average or poor grades because their senior school left them unprepared.

Growing up in Kota – a small city in Rajasthan know for producing students for top Engineering colleges in India – my friend Rajesh realized the importance of doing well in School and competitive exams.

Unlike many of his classmates, Rajesh was able to connect his dreams of getting in top engineering college and the reality. He passed the 12th exam with 96% and got good rank in the IIT Advanced and Mains exam. He got admission into one of the most prestigious college in India. But when he arrived on the college campus, within a week he realized that his school or the coaching institute hadn’t prepared him for the college academic rigor. Suddenly the School Topper was struggling, not able to understand his classwork & homework, and started getting C with very few B.

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