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How to reduce homework stress of your child?

By Priyanka A|3 - 4 mins read| February 15, 2023

Schools are the source of systematic and structured education for every child. What children learn in school is not just theoretical knowledge but also practical training. But in order for kids to absorb all that is taught to them, home works are necessary. Home works help the child to retain whatever they learnt in school and help them to come back from school and ponder and research more about the same.

But in spite of all the benefits of giving homework to the children, they sometimes become a little too harsh on children. Excess workload can do the exact opposite of what we wanted for our child. They might lose interest in the subject and may end up doing their work for the sake of it, which would be wrong. But sometimes even if the workload is balanced children tend to avoid doing homework and take up the entire homework the last minute giving them stress.

As a parent what can you do to help your child avoid all the stress so that they can at least live their childhood in peace? Read this article to know more about “How to reduce homework stress of your child?”.

5 Tips to Reduce Homework Stress

Fixed schedule

Plan and fix a time of the day for your child that is specifically allotted for home work. Assign them a regular spot. Make them do their homework at that place every day at that fixed time of the day only. This will help your child get accustomed to it and there will be less resistance from their side as well.

Concentrate in class

Explain your child that concentrating in class will reduce their workload by half. Teachers generally give homework of what was taught in the class. Similar exercises are given as homework so that child gets the clear idea of the topic and any confusion can be solved after practising the exercises on their own. Maximum time’s children do not pay attention to what was taught and then get a tough time doing the exercises .doubling their workload, increasing their stress.

Help them in difficult projects

Sometimes children are given projects and assignments that are difficult for them to do alone. They require assistance from parents and teachers. SEE to it that you provide your child with the help they need to complete the project. Guide them through the project and watch them not only excel in their assignments but also understand the concepts much better

Reach out to the teacher

Sometimes when the workload increases exponentially, talk to the teachers regarding the same. Communicate to them the shortfalls of having tremendous workload. Sometimes even when the home work load isn’t much, children are not able to finish their assignments on time. Talk to the teachers regarding the progress of your child. Ask them what all can be done to avoid such events to reoccur.

Provide extra material

Provide all the necessary stationary and materials that might be needed by your child so that they can complete their work without any extra stress of absence of such material. Providing them with dictionary and atlas are some of the essential materials that should be in handy of the child so that they could complete their work hassle free.

So go help your child reduce their homework steps by following the tips above!

All the best!

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