I got my son enrolled in school this year. So my experience about school is a bit less. But as much as the experience has been about the school (Lexicon, Wagholi), I would definitely like to share with you all...

In this tough situation, when this world is suffering from a pandemic, students were anxious about their future. What has to be done regarding the further classes? How are we going to come up with the syllabus? But look at the irony. Who turn out to be helper? The Internet… Whom we , as parents, were cursing a lot. Online classes have taken a charge to educate the suffering children. They are excited all day to attend the online class. They can easily put up question in front of the teachers. All the sessions are going on very well and students have become punctual. Those 40 minutes of class are fully utilized and syllabus is being covered smoothly. Tests are also conducted very easily. We are happy and contented by this step of taking online classes. We are grateful for the arrangement of online classes. (Specially For SKOLARO app for updating). 

Dear Shruti Ma’am, Your all classes always very interesting and full of energy. You bring lot of tricks to guide students in right way. And it’s also great part that during the session you ask any question about any topic which children learnt in previous classes. I also appreciate your effort you show in online class of EVS to clear every concept to children and parents too. Your all sessions are very interesting and full of energy. And you always help in clearing the doubts which we face during sessions. That’s really appreciable. Thank you so much..

By:- MR. Subod Khanduri, F/o Adhyan Khanduri, Class 1 A

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