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ABSI Calculator

Use this calculator to calculate your ABSI, A Body Shape Index. Simple easy to use ABSI online calculator. Calculates your ABSI; a body shape index of your body to estimate the risk of mortality. Refer to table below or use the tool to get you ABSI index

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ABSI Score - ABSI Mortality Hazard Levels
Refer to table below for ABSI Score meaning
ABSI-z valueRisk
Less than -0.868Very low
Between -0.868 and -0.272Low
Between -0.272 and +0.229Average
Between +0.229 and +0.798High
Greater than +0.798Very high

ABSI z score is calculated based on the ABSI Mean and ABSI SD of the sample individuals of the same age and gender. The ABSI mean and SD data is based on study done by Krakauer NY, Krakauer JC (2012) A New Body Shape Index Predicts Mortality Hazard Independently of Body Mass Index.

ABSI Calculator Details

What is ABSI?

ABSI stands for A Body Shape Index. ABSI is a calculates the health implications of a person’s body height, mass and waist circumference (WC).

How is ABSI calculated?

A Body Shape Index (ABSI) is calculated by dividing waist circumference by its estimate obtained from allometric regression of weight and height.

The equation to calculate ABSI is based on the statistical analysis. With waist (WC) and height in meters and weight in kg, you can use the below equation to calculate ABSI

ABSI = WC/ (BMI(⅔) x Height(½))


  • WC – the waist circumference, expressed in m;
  • height – expressed in m; and
  • BMI (weight / height²) – expressed in kg/m²

ABSIz = (ABSI – ABSImean (age, sex)/(ABSIstd (age, sex))

What is the difference between ABSI and BMI?

The ABSI Index takes into account body weight as well as height and waist circumference as compared to BMI which is based on height and body weight. The inclusion of waist circumference (WC) is make ABSI a better indicator of risk of mortality from excess weight than the BMI( body mass index).

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