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How to Score 600 above Marks in NEET 2021?

By SchoolMyKids Counsellor|4 - 5 mins read| July 19, 2023

For last 1 month, we are getting frequent queries where students are asking us What should I do to get Top Rank in NEET 2021? How to score above 600 in the NEET 2021? or  How to Clear NEET with good rank? or Exam Preparation tips for NEET 2021. In the article below we have tried to answer these questions in a best possible way. Important factor influencing the success in NEET

  1. Efforts – 75% contribution to success of any candidate is to his or her efforts
  2. remaining 25% is towards
    1. 10% towards coaching, Peer or Friend circle
    2. 15% towards the IQ. Please a good strategy can help even the average students score good marks.

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Tips for securing above 600 marks in NEET 2021

  1. Know the syllabus of the examination

The very first thing that NEET aspirants should do is to know the complete syllabus of the exam and the exam pattern. Try to map the NEET Syllabus with CBSE or your board syllabus and then prepare smartly. Try to learn common topics properly and prepare for the topics which are not covered in the board separately. This is very beneficial for the students who are appearing for state board exam in XII.

  1. Schedule – create a time table or study plan and adhere to it .

Create a schedule Allocating atleast 3 hours of study daily towards NEET preparation (or atleast 6 days a week). Make good use of weekends, don’t waste your weekends in other activities especially for these 2 years.

Almost every student creates a study plan but very few are able to stick to it. A lots of internal and external factors keeps them away from the the schedule/ study plan.

  1. Practice Practice and Practice

Buy MCQ books or past year papers and try to attempt these questions. Analyse your marks and work on your weak areas. This will help you focus on your weak areas, strengthen your existing knowledge and increase your speed and accuracy.

Believe me it is one and the most important thing which helps students crack NEET.
How to practice MCQ questions

  1. start with Topic based MCQ questions, study a topic or chapter and attempt MCQ questions for that chapter
  2. Move to next topic and repeat step 1
  3. After completing 25% of the syllabus go for a combined papers covering questions from topics covered till date. Make this paper time based
  4. Similarly attempt for time based paper after 50%, 75% syllabus completion
  5. Attempt for full Mock papers based MCQ question after 100% syllabus completion
  6. Attempt for time based Mock papers covering complete syllabus atleast once every week

Based on the Distribution of marks published by the NEET exam body, do complete syllabus covering atleast 80% of your questions.

  1. Join Coaching or atleast Test series

We suggest you to join a test series of any coaching institute of NEET UG Preparations, as this will help you with attempting question papers in scenario similar to the actual exam. This will you getting accustomed to thinking and completing the papers in the given tome thus preparing your for the D Day. This will also help you in attempting new questions.

If you have time or if you need external help with preparation you can also join a question institute.

  1. Don’t Study continuously

Based on my personal experience, It is advised to take breaks after every 2 hours, this will help in retention and faster understanding thereby increasing overall performance in NEET Exam preparation

  1. Limit the usage of Social Media

Strong Advise keep the usage of social media to zero or limited as this act as you may end up wasting a lot of time on it. You can use the social media after writing your NEET exam 2021 before joining the college.

  1. Use internet smartly

You can use youtube for understanding or to clarify your weak areas. Please avoid making Youtube or online studies as your primary source of learning.

  1. Remain Healthy

Eat healthy and avoid getting sick. Do Yoga or exercise or Meditation daily for atleast 20 minutes.

  1. Reference Books for NEET Exam Preparation 

Don’t refer to took many books first complete the NCERT properly and thoroughly.

  • Biology – Refer to NCERT as almost everything comes from it plus your can refer to Trueman’s Biology
  • Chemistry Inorganic – Refer to NCERT
  • Organic Chemistry – Refer to NCERT
  • Physical Chemistry – Refer to NCERT , RK Gupta
  • Physics – D C Pandey objective Physics, NCERT and HC Verma

Detailed list of reference books for NEET exam preparation

A lot of students blame that luck is not with them that’s why they were not able to clear or get good rank. Anything can happen on the exam day or during the exam so I wont completely ignore the role of luck.

Tips for the exam Day

  1. Leave early for the center, keep atleast 20-25 minutes margin
  2. Don’t forget to take your admit card and Id proof
  3. Be Calm before and during the exam
  4. Read the instructions carefully don’t assume anything

BEST of LUCK with your NEET Exam Preparation!

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