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10 Ways To Make Money In College – How to earn while studying in college?

By Priyanka A|4 - 5 mins read| March 15, 2023

In this competitive world having an edge is what takes you forward in life and differentiates you from the crowd. But like we all know everything in this world has a cost and having an edge over your competition can be costly. Be it the fees for certification courses to learn and develop a skill or a tuition fees for better understanding of subjects, everything requires money. Being a college student it sometimes becomes hard to afford such expensive measures to stay ahead of the competition. This makes earning while in college important for college going students. If you are a college student than know How to Earn while studying in college? Simple 10 Ways to make money in college.

Though the trend of working while in college has not yet caught up in India, it sure is in its way to become trendy soon. With the growing expenditure of students in courses online and offline students will soon find it necessary to earn some extra money to finance themselves and not to overburden their parents completely.

Here are 10 Ways To Make Money In College

This article will talk about ways you can earn while still in college.

1. Invest

The power of investment is tremendous. You get a chance to experience the real investment thrill at the same time learn the basics to manage your investment portfolio later in life. Guidance and advices can always be taken your from books and faculties in campus. Investing in small amount is always profitable and the chances of a profitable investment are more if done with the right thinking and research.

2. Work from internships

Internships not only add to your CV but also helps you earn a little extra. Work from home internships can help you earn the entire stipend without any extra costs like travelling costs. Internships give you an excellent opportunity to learn and earn at the same time.

3. Become a freelancer

You get a chance to utilise the extra time you are left with after college effectively. There is professional growth and freedom of time at the same time. Freelancing being a kind a non permanent job helps you to earn like a permanent job but at the same time enjoy your college life while earning some extra money for yourself.

4. Become a Tutor

With individualised tutoring becoming a must for students it is a great opportunity for college going students to tutor kids in school. Tutoring will give you a chance to help students as well earn some serious income by the side. You can tutor students online through various tutoring sites or you can start home tutoring.

5. Find a campus job

Spending most of the time in campus, one can always apply for part time job in campus to earn some extra bucks for some extra efforts after college hours. This earns you money as well as gives you experience. It doesn’t take away much time of the day as well. It is a win-win in all aspects.

6. Become a brand ambassador

Major companies hire college students to promote their brand within the college campuses.  A lot of companies directly approach colleges for brand ambassador or you can also apply through various sites. Its an easy way to get experience and associated with big names, best part about his is it looks great on your resume!

7. Start Blogging or Youtube Channel or Social Media Group

If you like to write or give opinion about tech stuff, movies etc, starting a blog or youtube channel is an excellent way to build an online followers and earn income through affiliate marketing or google or facebook ads.

8. Sell Something Online

We all have a bunch of old books from school that are no longer of use. Similarly there are a host of things that are either redundant or of little use. They do nothing more than taking up space. It is a good time to sell them off. Earn some extra money out of this and use it for meaningfully in your life.

You can create your page on multiple sites or EBay or Amazon and then upload your products.

9. Graphic Designing or Stock Photos

If taking pictures is something you like or if you are a great photographer than you could sell your photos online though various stock photos sites you can easily earn from $1 to $20 per photo.

10. Save

College life is a good time to understand the importance of management of financial resources. Life is better if we understand when we have enough money to spend on the necessities. This is where savings can play a great role. While expenditures are inevitable, savings are important as well. Earning money alone cannot help you. Judicious expenditure is important.


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