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Easy Tips to get your child ready for Formal Nursery School

By Pushpa Joshi|4 - 5 mins read| February 16, 2023

This April, many parents would be transcending the boundaries of parenthood to a whole new experience. Their toddlers would finally be headed to formal schools after their nursery admission. So if you are one of such parent, there are a few things you must definitely be aware of with respect to formalizing the schooling culture for your kids. It is a transition for your 3+ year old. He/she would be entering to a bigger school life, they will let go of their pre-school friends, there will be uniform and rules, etc. While playschools give a homely vibe, schools will be a big and formal change for them. How can you make this transition easier for your child?

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To answer this question, below are few quick tips to help your child transition seamlessly into a formal nursery school:

1. Frequent Visitations

Take your child along with you to the school under the pretense of nursery admission formalities. A few visits would make him/her privy to the new surroundings, playground, teachers, etc. It would make them more adaptable to the change, when it comes.

2. Consult the teacher

Check with the prospective teacher about the activities they would indulge the children in. At your end, spend time with your kid on those activities. They should develop a liking towards it.

3. Build up their excitement

It is important to talk to your child about the forthcoming change. Talk to them, build up their excitement, and create an aura for the school. By the time the transition so happens, they should be excited about their school, nursery admission and the things they are going to do there.

4. Dress Up

While you would be handed over their uniform beforehand, rehearse your child into wearing the school uniform. You can play dress up with them and pretend they are going to the nursery school. This could be an interesting and fun activity while they could also get used to the uniform culture, something that is not very common in all preschools.

5. Help them socialize

One massive change that will occur in the lives of your little ones is the fact that they will have new kids to mingle with. In today’s reckless times, socialization is not the best virtue with most kids. But, you need to make them learn interacting with kids outside of their preschool. So, take them to parks or gatherings with children. They will adapt to seeing new faces and developing friendships.

6. Take out your school album

Your kid must see formal nursery school as a fun place to be in. Take out your old school album and show them all the fun times you have had in your school life. Talk to them about it and they would create an impression that nursery is a happy place.

7. Routine Practice

You can’t go all gung ho on your kid and impart the school discipline from Day 1. They need to be prepared for it. Practice the school routine at least 10 to 15 days in advance so that they are all set on the D day. It would also help them normalize the transition and wouldn’t cause anxiety on their first day to school.

8. Brush up their skills

Many kids directly go to school whilst their nursery admission without going to a playschool. The learning abilities may vary. Your kid must not feel left out if he/she didn’t attend a play school or attended one for a short time. Get the kid used to fun learning games, learning to take turns, spellings, rhymes, etc. They should feel well versed with all that, if they haven’t been play schooled yet.

9. Take them Shopping

The way to a kid’s heart is through new and fancy stationery. Get them excited about their nursery admission. Make them buy a shiny new bag, water bottle, pencil box, etc. would make them excited about the time when they will be able to use that. Make their first day in formal school be extra special by virtue of new stationery.

The above tips, when practiced regularly, would essentially ensure that your child is ready to be the big girl/boy going to formal school vide their nursery admission. It would also help them know the change in culture and assist them get into the routine. Hence, practicing them regularly would make sure that there are all smiles and no tears on their first day to their brand new school life.

Tears, well, you as a parent may let a few flow out!


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