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CBSE or State Board after 10th – Which is best for XI & XII – Advantages of CBSE

By SchoolMyKids Expert|3 - 4 mins read| February 15, 2023

We got a lot of queries from students asking us about which board to choose for XI & XII class education? or Which is the best board for XI & XII classes? or CBSE or State board after 10th? or CBSE vs state board for engineering or medical. Students who have asked us this question have appeared for X state board exam and are waiting for their results or are planning to write the class X standard exam in state board in 2018. In state board exam a student competes with people from their district and state while in CBSE board student competes with the student nationally at pan India level. These students are from Maharashtra board, Andhra Pradesh board, Tamil Nadu Board, UP Board and Rajasthan Board. Answering CBSE or State Board after 10th or even while starting the school education of your kid is not an easy one. The answer to this question depends on your (student’s) personal career goals and the field he/she wants to choose after 12th. Read this article to know about advantages of CBSE board.

CBSE or State board – Advantage of CBSE Board

If you are planning to become an Engineer or Doctor, don’t think again GO Ahead with CBSE Board for XI and XII. To become an engineer and to get admission in the engineering colleges across India, you have to pass JEE Main or JEE Advanced paper. Similarly, if you are planning to become a Doctor, you have to get admission into a medical college in India for which you have to pass the AIPMT exam. The CBSE body conducts the JEE Main & Advanced and AIPMT exam for entrance into Engineering and medical college respectively in India. so if you are studying CBSE board then the syllabus of your XI and XII board will be almost similar to your competitive entrance exam syllabus. This means you don’t have to worry about studying extra for your board exam if you are preparing for the entrance exam or vice versa. This saves a lot of trouble for students and increases their chances of scoring good marks in both Board exam and in the entrance exam. This become one of the biggest plus points in favor of CBSE while answering  CBSE or State board.

Another reason for choosing CBSE is the checking and chances of scoring good percentages. Checking in CBSE is generally lenient, so you have a better chance of scoring goog marks with same or fewer efforts as compared to the state board.

The level of Recognition, the CBSE board is recognized across the world, so if you are planning to go for higher studies in US, Australia, Canada or Europe, studying 12th from CBSE board is advantageous.

CBSE body is very supportive in case of any issue and chances of any mishap in official things are less. The body has separate inquiry (multiple lines) and helpline numbers to help out students in case of any doubt or issue.

I personally feel the syllabus of CBSE body is upto date and matches the global standards of education. If you are currently in CBSE board, please don’t switch to the state board for XI and XII exam.

If you are studying humanities and you are planning to write state govt competitive exams, then maybe you can stick with your State board for XI & XII. State PSC exams have a lot of questions specific to state in their exams which state board XI & XII books will cover in detail.

Refer to below link to know about top CBSE schools in your cities

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