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Class 5 CBSE Curriculum: A Complete Guide

By SchoolMyKids Counsellor|2 - 3 mins read| June 12, 2023

Class 5 is a crucial year in a student’s academic life as they transition from the foundational years to higher studies. The CBSE curriculum for class 5 aims to provide students with a well-rounded education that covers all essential subjects and skills. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the CBSE class 5 curriculum and discuss the key subjects and their importance.

Class 5 Syllabus For All Subjects

The class 5 syllabus focuses on holistic development of students. The syllabus is divided into English, Maths, Science and Hindi. We have [provided an overview of each subject which students will learn in the entire course.

SubjectDownload Link 
Class 5 EnglishDownload Here
Class 5 MathematicsDownload Here
Class 5 Science (EVS)Download Here
Class 5 HindiDownload Here

Class 5 English

English is one of the most important subjects in the CBSE class 5 curriculum. It lays the foundation for students’ language and communication skills, which are crucial for their future success. The CBSE class 5 English syllabus includes reading, writing, and comprehension exercises to help students develop their language skills. Additionally, students are introduced to grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure, which form the building blocks of effective communication.

Class 5 Mathematics

Mathematics is another important subject in the CBSE class 5 curriculum. It helps students develop their problem-solving and logical reasoning skills, which are essential for many academic and professional pursuits. The CBSE class 5 mathematics syllabus includes topics such as numbers and operations, algebra, geometry, and data handling. Through these topics, students learn how to use mathematical concepts to solve real-world problems.

Class 5 Science (EVS)

Science is an integral part of the CBSE class 5 curriculum, as it provides students with a deeper understanding of the world around them. The CBSE class 5 science syllabus includes topics such as living and non-living things, the human body, and natural phenomena. Students learn about these topics through hands-on experiments, which help them develop scientific reasoning skills and a sense of curiosity about the world.

Class 5 Hindi

The syllabus covers various aspects of the Hindi language, including grammar, vocabulary, and sentence structure. Students learn to understand and express themselves in Hindi, which is important for their overall development and success. In addition, Hindi provides students with a deeper understanding of their heritage and culture, which is a valuable aspect of their education.


In conclusion, the CBSE class 5 curriculum provides students with a comprehensive education that covers all essential subjects and skills. By studying these subjects, students develop a strong foundation for their future academic and professional pursuits.


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