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CBSE Class 4 Syllabus: A Comprehensive Guide

By SchoolMyKids Counsellor|3 - 4 mins read| June 12, 2023

Class 4 is a critical phase of a student’s educational journey. It is in this stage where children start developing an understanding of various subjects, laying the foundation for their future learning. The CBSE Class 4 Syllabus is designed to cater to the needs of students at this stage, providing them with a comprehensive curriculum that covers all the essential subjects.

It is important for parents and teachers to understand the CBSE Class 4 Syllabus in detail, so they can support their children in their learning journey. By providing children with a supportive and engaging learning environment, they can develop a love for learning, and a desire to explore and discover new things.

In addition to following the CBSE Class 4 Syllabus, it is also important for children to practise regularly and take mock exams to improve their performance. This will help them identify their strengths and weaknesses, and focus on areas that need improvement.

Moreover, it is essential for children to stay organised and keep track of their progress. Keeping a study diary or a notebook, where they can note down important topics and revise regularly, can be a great way to stay on top of their studies.

In this article, we’ll take a detailed look at the CBSE Class 4 Syllabus, helping you understand what your child will learn in each subject, and why it is important for their overall development.

CBSE Class 4 English

English is a crucial subject in CBSE Class 4. It lays the foundation for strong communication skills, helping children express themselves effectively. The CBSE Class 4 English syllabus covers topics like comprehension, vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills. Children are introduced to various forms of writing, including stories, poems, and letters, which helps them develop their creativity and imagination.

CBSE Class 4 Mathematics

Mathematics is another essential subject in CBSE Class 4. It helps children develop their logical and analytical thinking skills, which are critical for solving problems in various areas of life. The CBSE Class 4 Maths syllabus covers topics like numbers, fractions, geometry, and measurement. Children are also introduced to basic arithmetic operations, including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, which are essential for solving mathematical problems.

CBSE Class 4 Environmental Science

Environmental Science is an important subject in CBSE Class 4, as it helps children develop an understanding of the world around them. The CBSE Class 4 Environmental Science syllabus covers topics like living organisms, their habitats, and their interdependence. Children are also introduced to the concept of conservation and preservation of natural resources, which is crucial for sustainable living.

CBSE Class 4 Hindi

Hindi is another crucial subject in CBSE Class 4. It helps children understand and speak the national language, which is an essential part of their cultural heritage. The CBSE Class 4 Hindi syllabus covers topics like vocabulary, grammar, and composition. Children are also introduced to basic conversation skills, which helps them communicate effectively in Hindi.

Class 4 Syllabus All Subjects 

CBSE Class 4 MathsMaths Syllabus
CBSE Class 4 EnglishEnglish Syllabus
CBSE Class 4 Hindi Hindi Syllabus
CBSE Class 4 Environmental Environmental Syllabus


The CBSE Class 4 Syllabus is designed to provide children with a comprehensive and well-rounded education, covering all the essential subjects. It helps children develop their cognitive, emotional, and analytical skills, which are critical for their overall development. By following the CBSE Class 4 Syllabus, children can acquire a strong foundation for their future learning, and lay the foundation for a successful educational journey.

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