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CBSE Class 2 English Syllabus – Developing Basic Reading and Writing Skills

By SchoolMyKids Counsellor|3 - 4 mins read| August 01, 2023

English is a beautiful and important language that opens doors to many opportunities. The CBSE Class 2 English curriculum aims to develop students’ basic writing and conversational skills and cultivate a love for reading. The two English textbooks for Class 2 are Marigold and Raindrops.

Marigold Class 2 Textbook

The Marigold textbook has 21 chapters which are divided into 10 units and are interesting, engaging and interactive. The chapters  cover a range of topics such as the first day at school, the beauty of nature, manners, and self-expression. In “I’m Lucky,” students learn about gratitude and the importance of being thankful. “A Smile” emphasises the power of kindness and spreading happiness through a smile. “Zoo Manners” teaches appropriate behaviour when visiting the zoo.

Marigold Class 2 Chapters

Unit 1

  • Chapter 1 First Day at School
  • Chapter 2 Haldis Adventure
  • Chapter 3 Paddling-Pool

Unit 2

  • Chapter 4 I am Lucky
  • Chapter 5 I Want

Unit 3

  • Chapter 6 A Smile
  • Chapter 7 The Wind and the Sun

Unit 4

  • Chapter 8 Rain
  • Chapter 9 Storm in the Garden

Unit 5

  • Chapter 10 Zoo Manners
  • Chapter 11 Funny Bunny

Unit 6

  • Chapter 12 Mr. Nobody
  • Chapter 13 Curlylocks and the Three Bears

Unit 7

  • Chapter 14 On My Blackboard I can Draw
  • Chapter 15 Make it Shorter

Unit 8

  • Chapter 16 I am the Music Man
  • Chapter 17 The Mumbai Musicians

Unit 9

  • Chapter 18 Granny Granny Please Comb my Hair
  • Chapter 19 The Magic Porridge Pot

Unit 10

  • Chapter 20 Strange Talk
  • Chapter 21 The Grasshopper and the Ant

Raindrops Class 2 Textbook 

Raindrops textbook has 15 chapters that are designed to broaden your knowledge and understanding of the world around students. It includes poems, such as “Action Song” and “Rain in Summer,” as well as chapters on family, work, national symbols, and festivals in India. “My Family” highlights the importance of family and their support. “My Village” introduces students to life in a village and the work done there. “The Festivals of India” offers insight into India’s rich cultural heritage.

Raindrops Class 2 Chapters

  • Chapter 1: Action Song (Poem)
  • Chapter 2: Our Day
  • Chapter 3: My Family
  • Chapter 4: What’s Going On?
  • Chapter 5: Mohan, The Potter
  • Chapter 6: Rain in Summer (Poem)
  • Chapter 7: My Village
  • Chapter 8: The Work People Do
  • Chapter 9: Work (Poem)
  • Chapter 10: Our National Symbols
  • Chapter 11: The Festivals of India
  • Chapter 12: The Monkey and The Elephant
  • Chapter 13: Going to the Fair
  • Chapter 14: Colours (Poem)
  • Chapter 15: Sikkim

Marigold and Raindrops textbooks provide students with engaging and interactive material to develop their English skills. Regular reading and practice will help students become confident speakers of the language. The CBSE Class 2 English curriculum is designed to foster a lifelong love of reading and learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the topic of Class 2 English?

The topic of Class 2 English is the development of basic reading and writing skills, including grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension.

How many chapters are there in English class?

There are 11 chapters in the Marigold textbook and 16 chapters in the Raindrops textbook for Class 2 English.

What is grammar for Class 2?

Grammar for Class 2 includes simple sentences, subject-verb agreement, singular and plural nouns, and basic punctuation.

What are the names of CBSE Class 2 English books?

The names of the Class 2 English books are Marigold and Raindrops.


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