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10 Best Learning Educational Apps for Students

By SchoolMyKids Counsellor|3 - 4 mins read| February 16, 2023

The world is fuelled by technology today. Everything runs online. There are applications on your smartphone that help you learn. This student-centric methodology makes the process of learning and retention very easy for students. Educational apps for students or E-learning apps are software programs that facilitate the learning curve of an individual according to the personal choice of time and place.

Educational software or computer applications are mainly developed for teaching and learning purposes. Technology has a great influence on our day to day life. The use of technology for education is a great way to attract students. A good education is expensive, but in modern times, you can access it with the help of an app. Your child can get the best education possible at the click of a button. These apps are easily accessible to the masses as they can be downloaded on mobiles, tabs, and computers. 

Importance of Educational Apps

Educational Apps help in better understanding and learning opportunities. They make things easier for the student. There are many apps available, but choosing the best one is essential as they influence the learning process of the students. They help in recovering the missing lectures or in a better understanding of the topic. The app is an effective way to engage students more in studies. The application enhances the interaction between parents and children and the educational institution. These educational apps encourage students to be more interactive. Traditional learning can be boring and repetitive, and it does not allow queries. These apps are very useful and help in changing the rigid learning pattern and gives more than simple bookish knowledge.

Some of the Best Educational Apps for Students – Learning apps

  1. Udemy is an online learning app for students. It is versatile in nature. This app has every type of course, from Web development to personal development. They have dozens of courses for someone who is looking to gain knowledge. They provide learning materials and videos related to the courses to make learning easier. 
  2. LinkedIn Learning is a learning app for students that provides different courses taught by experts in the domain of business skills, software and even creative fields like design.
  3. Lynda is an app that also has a wide range of courses to gain knowledge from. The app gives you full freedom to learn at your convenient time and place. The app is free to download and is available on a monthly subscription basis.
  4. Ted is a non-profit organization which curates inspirational and motivated videos. They offer a diverse range of subjects like art, science and even global issues. 
  5. Khan Academy is founded by a teacher, entrepreneur and a fund analyst Sal khan who provides courses taught by professionals free of cost. They focus mainly on academic subjects like maths, science etc.
  6. Lumosity is a brain training app which focuses on building mental stability through fun brain games designed with the collaboration of scientific experts and game developer.
  7. Goodreads is an app which helps you to find the perfect book on the topic you have interest in. They have a collection of almost every type of book in the fiction, non-fiction, and scientific genre.
  8. Duolingo is a user-friendly app which helps you learn any language. This app is perfect for both the beginner and advanced learner. The use of phrases and pictures make learning way easier.
  9. Studyblue is designed to help with easy learning techniques. The app provides extra help likes notes, and study guides to match the existing course.
  10. Byju’s is another popular app that provides an opportunity to learn in an audio visual friendly way. It meshes school and preparatory exams to help the child learn faster.

 These child friendly apps make learning fun. Download the app which suits your purpose and start on the way of learning.


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