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Paper Clown Puppet for Kids- Easy DIY Crafts

By Dr Archana Yeolekar|2 - 3 mins read| September 07, 2020

Let’s visit the circus today! Yes, you can bring the clown at your home and watch it perform amazing tricks! Surprised how? Worry not! It’s simple and easy. This time, yet another creative craft which surely would bring a smile on your faces. Just follow these simple steps to make your own paper clown puppet who’s ready to make you laugh for sure.

Follow these simple steps to know how to make paper clown puppet

Materials Required to make Paper Clown Puppet

  • Yellow strip of paper (2nos)
  • Red strip of paper (2nos)
  • Blue strip of paper (2nos)
  • Each strip should be 1cm by 20cm
  • White paper sheet
  • Black paper sheet
  • Yellow paper sheet
  • Pink paper sheet
  • Red paper sheet
  • Pencil
  • Sketchpens
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to make Paper Clown Puppet Step by Step

  1. Take all the 6 strips of paper and arrange them one over the other in a cross pattern at the centre.
  1. Stick only at the centre.
  1. Make sure you stick both the ends of the paper to each other and make a ball out of all the 6 strips once stuck.
  1. Now draw a circle of around 5cm diameter using yellow paper, cut and stick on top of this ball.
  1. This circle would act as a base for balancing the spring head of the clown.
  2. Next, make an accordion fold using two strips of red paper and stick it over the circle in the centre.
  3. After this, make a small loop of red paper and stick it over the accordion fold.
  4. This loop fold would hold the face of the clown steady.

  1. Next, on a white sheet draw a clown face and colour it.
  1. Later cut this face and keep aside.

  1. Now draw the arms and hands of the clown using red and pink paper.
  2. Cut and keep it aside.
  3. Finally take a black sheet, draw and cut the boots of the clown and keep aside.
  1. Once done, stick the face of the clown over the loop fold, later stick the arms and hands of the clown on the aides of the ball. Stick the black boots at the bottom of the ball.
  1. Your spring paper clown is ready for kids.

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