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10 Most Amazing Disney Movies Your Kids Will Love to Watch

By Ankita S|4 - 5 mins read| June 28, 2020

These entertaining and hilarious movies are so much fun for the entire family when the action begins, We’re sure that adults are going to enjoy these movies as much as children! 

The List includes movies that will allow your kids to explore, learn and understand that what values are important for them to imbibe.  

We have all figured out for you. You’ll find the right animated movie that is not just apt for your kid but would also make it their best animated movie experience.

We are going to help you make it the best movie night ever!

1. Ratatouille 

Isn’t it interesting to watch a rat cook? Yes, just the way kids love Stuart Little, they will love Remy too. Remy is an ambitious rodent who wants to become a great chef, and he is smart, intelligent, gentle, and moral and dramatically compelling.

Discover how Remy, our cute little chef, and Linguini, who doesn’t know how to cook, will win over the arrogant food critic.

2. Tangled  

Kids love Rapunzel, isn’t it? The animation of this movie is beyond everything; every scene is magical and will take your kid to a fairyland. This movie is a blend of perfect animation, music, songs, funny portions and yes most importantly Rapunzel’s magical hair. 

In this movie, the principal message is about your dream. 

Finally, it emphasizes the idea that girls need not 

Be bailed out and that they can stand up.

3. Inside Out 

This family film is one of the most imaginative stories of Pixar — prepare for an emotional coastline! 

In fact, the main characters of this sweet movie are the feelings of a small girl – discord, joy and sorrow, to name a few – and accompany her on an unexpected move from the mid-west to the west coast. Clever, delightful and funny intestine, it is a movie that everyone will love.

4. Brave 

Brave is one of those movies that your kids will watch again, and again because of the fun and adventure, they will enjoy every bit of it, From Merida’s strength and spirit to her bouncy hair, from every beautiful song to the inspiring quotes. 

Your kids will love the inspiring lessons that they will take after watching the whole of it.

5. Finding Nemo

This movie is an absolute classic, and I guess there is no one who will deny the fact that Nemo has a special place in everyone’s heart.

When the Nemo went missing into the deep blue sea and meets a great white person along the way — it’s up to Marlin to secure his fella. We hate telling you, Kiddos, 

But Mom and Dad know better! Let’s see Can the sight of Nemo 

Be teaching for you!

6. Moana 

The story follows Moana’s adventure and journey, an exciting teenager with a lot in her plate like most Disney princesses. 

Children will learn about the myths and traditions of Polynesia along with lessons of bravery, teamwork, communication, curiosity and perseverance. Disney-based, but respectful, depictions of ancient Polynesian culture.

Moana is a marvelous role model and a strong woman.

7. Frozen

Is a sister duo more popular than Anna and Elsa out there? The two became popular in 2013, when the forces of Elsa blocked the entire kingdom. Anna starts a journey to stop the endless winter and release her large family from being isolated. 

This movie stands out and teaches children values such as bravery, persistence, and self-sacrifice. 

This movie has a 3D version, and it’s worth watching with your kids, after all who doesn’t love a Disney princess. 

8. Onward

“We all need a little magic in our lives,” that’s what this movie depicts. It is a must-watch for kids because of its funny, silly, and full of magical scenes. Kids will be all laughing and giggling after watching the plots. Moms and Dads could not request more amazing role models than brothers Ian and Barley Lightfoot.

9. The Good Dinosaur

Everyone must have seen this kid on some pictures and videos, ever wondered what those hilarious scenes are of. The Good Dinosaur is one of Pixar’s most prevalent films, telling a simple story about a young Apatosaurus on the journey of a hero. This movie is quite on the emotional side and then also full of adventure. Kids will love to watch a good dinosaur.

10. Zootopia

“Zootopia” is a fun and beautifully designed movie wherein town predators, and prey live in harmony. This animated adventure is both clever and warm-hearted. It is like a buddy-cop movie, fish-out water tale, and whodunit mystery. Zootopia is a speaking- animal movie worth observing with the whole family, with its dynamic visuals, a simple yet suggestive storyline, and important social depictions.


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