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How To Travel Internationally With Your Infant?

By Kanika Gautam|3 - 4 mins read| April 20, 2020

International travel with an infant can be the cause of immense stress to parents.  Whether it is a business call or a family holiday, you need to be prepared sufficiently. The stress is mainly because the infants are very delicate. The thought can be overwhelming for parents, especially mothers. Also, they need to be well prepared beforehand to have the best traveling experience with the baby. Traveling with babies must not be a traumatic experience. Hence it requires extra preparation, a bit more luggage, and lots of patience. Here are a few tips for mothers to make prior travel arrangements to have trouble-free international travel with a newborn or an infant.

Tips For International Travel with an Infant

Plan And Pack Ahead Of Time

Since you are now not traveling alone, therefore, plan and pack beforehand. Don’t forget to keep all the essentials that a baby needs ranging from diapers to feeders, everything even if it includes some extra. Packing for babies shall need twice the time required to pack for adults. Therefore, take your time, prepare a checklist before packing, and include all the things needed for the baby in your luggage. Also, don’t forget to check on the weather conditions of your destination and pack accordingly.

Changing Your Baby And Feeding

When you are on the flight, always check for a lavatory with kids’ changing tables. It might save you from dirty looks from fellow passengers. Also, change your baby’s diaper almost 10 minutes before the takeoff so that you have ample time before the next change. You can easily breastfeed your newborn on the flight as there are no regulations. But make sure that during takeoffs and landing, babies’ ears do not hurt. Hence, it’s a good idea to breastfeed your newborn during landing or takeoff to relieve the pressure on the baby’s ears.

Pick An Appropriate Flight Time

Select a flight time based on the sleeping pattern of your baby. Select a time when your baby sleeps the most or is relaxed. Early morning flights are the best for newborns even if they sleep or do not sleep well at night. They either stay comfortable after a good sleep or will sleep if they have not slept the night before. Also, with newborns, select the window seat because babies are more relaxed near the window. Further, you will face the least disturbance from the fellow passengers if they want to move.

Ask For Baby’s Bassinet

Baby’s bassinet is a tiny bed that can be easily fitted on the aircraft. It helps the mother and the baby to sleep comfortably, especially during long hours of flight. You need to book early for the bassinet, it is free of charge, and is installed after taking off.

Select A Baby-Friendly Hotel

Before booking a hotel, check whether it is baby-friendly or not. Select a hotel that welcomes babies and make special arrangements for their comfort. Rooms with kitchenettes, baby pools, baby gears like bathtubs, and bottle warmers should be preferred.


Before planning a vacation, staying more alert and attentive shall give you the best experience of your life. So next time before you schedule international travel with a newborn, don’t forget to check on the guide and make your travel comfortable.

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