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How to Make a Paper Lily – DIY Paper Flowers

By Dr Archana Yeolekar|2 - 3 mins read| October 08, 2020

A lily flower has so many different colours and stands out almost all the flowers when put in a vase. Sometimes it’s difficult for us to get these beautiful fresh flowers in the market. Why worry when we can make our very own paper lily flower and put it in our flower vases and light up the house with its beauty.

Today let’s make one beautiful paper lily flower

Let’s start children! Follow these steps to know how to make paper lily.

Materials Required to Make Paper Lily Flower

  • Purple sheet
  • Blue sheet
  • A yellow or green sheet
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Glue
  • Scissors

How to Make Paper Lily Flower Step By Step

  1. Take the purple and blue sheets and cut around 6 squares from these two sheets 3 each from each coloured sheet. Size of the square should be 10cm by 10cm.
  1. Next, take one of the square sheets and fold it into a triangle.
  1. Open this triangle and hold it vertically. Now fold two small vertical triangles along this midline on either side.
  1. Next, you will have a small triangle at the base downwards.
  2. Fold this triangle into small side triangles on either side as well.
  1. Now you will have two side triangles in the upside and two smaller triangles overlapping these triangles on the downside.
  2. After this, fold these two smaller downside triangles into half.
  1. This completes the process of petal making of the lily flower.
  2. Similarly, make around 5 more petals using this technique and 5 remaining squares.
  3. Once done, arrange the petals in alternate colour fashion and stick the sides to each other.
  1. Stick the first and the last petal to each other in a circular fashion.
  1. You will get a blooming lily flower after this.
  1. Next, take a rectangular yellow sheet and fold it.
  1. Now again cut tassels leaving the fold line intact along the length of the sheet vertically.
  2. Make sure the tassels are very thin to give the effect of pollen.
  1. Roll the folded tasselled sheet to achieve the effect of pollen. Stick the roll.
  1. Now insert this role in between the petals to give the effect of blooming lily flower with fresh yellow pollens.
  2. You can curl the pollens and lily petals with a pencil to give more appeal to the flower.
  1. That’s it, children! Your paper lily flower is now ready.
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