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Engaging Games & Activities for Kids During the Lockdown

By Abhyuday Singh|4 - 5 mins read| June 12, 2020

Engaging is a tough deal during pandemic when the kid and parents are both locked down and under Isolation/Observation, but its the best time to communicate, understand, connect with them and make them best friends for life.

It further will help in dealing with them in any situation and will help them to release stress by sharing things at good rate, improving their mental balance and health.

There are many Games and Activities that can be introduced and can be played with varied age grouped family members and will have a quality time spend together.

Engaging Games for Kids During the Lockdown

Musical Chair

  • Number of People: 3 people or more can play
  • You will need: Chairs, Music and Speaker

How to Play Musical Chair

Arrange Chairs in line with every chair facing opposite the direction of one another being adjacent to each one in the drawing room and play the music of your choice and stop at the moderator choice and people grabbing the seats will be chosen ones for the next round.

Scope of Improvement: Try changing rules to make it more engaging

Dumb Shiraz

  • Number of People: 2 people or more can play
  • You will need: a pencil and an empty page

How to Play Dumb Shiraz

Traditional game of guessing movie names by actions performing by the people around, can be performed in various sign languages, helps child in concentrating and be artistic during their performance. See the number of correct guesses and mark them accordingly.

Scope of Improvement: Try changing rules to make it more engaging

Pick your Word

  • Number of People: 2 people or more can play
  • You will need: Pencil and an Empty Page

How to Play Pick your Word

Unlike Antrakshari, a word is spoken by a person and from the last letter of the word, another person with another word has to come up and the game continues.

Scope of Improvement: Try changing rules to make it more engaging

Name, Place, Animal, Thing

  • Number of People: 2 people or more can play
  • You will need: Pencil, Scale, Pen and an Empty Page

How to Play Name, Place, Animal, Thing

Make four columns of the above thing in a page, starting person will start pronouncing Alphabets A-Z meanwhile in between a random participant will stop the call of alphabets and then the alphabet in which the call is stopped, a word starting from the same letter alphabet has to be filled in the four above mentioned column.

Let’s say it stopped at P, so the words can be Name -Prakash, Place – Pune, Animal – Panda, Thing – Pot, the moment a person is able to fill all the four columns he/she will say STOP  making other participants not to fill their left blanks and with the same process the game continues. Each row once filled will attain 5 points and so on, a person filling all four can make 20 points per stop. The maximum number of point getting accumulated person will win at the end of the sheet.

Scope of Improvement: Try changing rules to make it more engaging.

Engaging Activities for Kids During Lockdown

1. Gardening (Indoor Plants)

They can start up with small indoor plant to grow and learn about them and their benefits.

2. Art and Craft with the Waste & Vintage products

Will engage them with a more on practical involvement through colours, scrap being used there to turn vintage to creative products.

3. Wall Painting

New wall waiting to get painted can have your kids hand patches, leaving a memory and sense of belongingness to the wall/activity.

4. Clay Modelling

They can be exposed to clay modelling while being in the house and may can get interest and develop activities to be a micro artist in upcoming future.

5. Housebound Treasure Hunt

This will improve their Hunt ability to fetch through potential clues’ for the product being hided and improve their patience.

There could be many more added in this to get them engaged and create an amazing experience with mesmerizing memories and to engage them during locked down.

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