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DIY – How To Make Rakhis At Home For Kids

By Janhavi Desai|4 - 5 mins read| February 15, 2023

DIY Rakhi Ideas To Personalise Your Raksha Bandhan Celebration This Year! Raksha Bandhan is a very special day for brothers and sisters across India. Adults and children alike gear up for the festival by purchasing gifts for their siblings and cousins alike. The most important items on Raksha Bandhan shopping lists are rakhis and the streets are full of shops selling them. If you want your kids to learn the value of Raksha Bandhan the traditional way, have them make their own rakhis instead of buying them off the street. Here are a few simple DIY ideas to make rakhi at home for kids.

1. Toy Rakhi

Whether the child may be the sister making this or the brother who will receive it, this can be fun for both. You can make this rakhi with a few basic articles.

One piece of coloured ribbon cut to size, felt paper, coloured foam sheets, sharpies, scissors, and glue should do. Draw and cut out toy shapes from the foam and felt paper sheets each.

Place the felt paper underneath the midpoint of the ribbon with the felt facing downward. Apply glue on it and then carefully place the foam toy shapes on top. Once dry, your homemade child-friendly rakhi is ready!

2. Animal Rakhi

You only need three articles to help your child make one of these rakhis for their brothers and sisters.

A thin ribbon cut to size, adhesive foam stickers in animal shapes, and felt circle stickers. Stick one felt circle on the halfway point of the ribbon and another on the back so that no adhesive surface is left exposed.

You can put the animal sticker on top of the circle itself or cut the circle to match the outline of the sticker. Further embellishments like glitter or glitter glue may also do a fine job.

3. Braided Rakhi

This DIY rakhi will be made of nothing but wool and any other embellishments you see fit.

Cut out 9 to 12 even sized threads of wool, keeping them about an inch longer than you want your rakhi to be. Knot them at the top and divide them into 3 bunches, of 3 or 4 each, depending on how many threads you have.

You can insert coloured beads, sequins, tiny bells or any embellishments of your choice at random intervals. To do this, you must insert any one of the threads into the hoops or holes of whatever you want to add and pull the decorative item up to the point where the braiding is complete.

Then continue braiding, and the decoration will be braided into your rakhi. Take care to ensure that none of these decorations end up on the bottom so that they won’t dig into the skin when it’s tied. Alternatively, you can stick your embellishments on top of the woollen braid when it’s done.

4. Zari Border And Motif Rakhi

This is one of the easiest ways to make rakhis at home this Raksha Bandhan.

The things you need to make it are freely available in the market and they’re super cheap, too. Take your little one along to the local tailor’s shop and scourge through the scraps of zari borders left over from the clothes stitched there. Take along the appropriate piece or pieces that attract your kid’s eye and head to a shop that sells fancy embellishments for traditional Indian wear.

Let your child pick out motifs they like to go along with the zari border pieces you have. Head home and either glue the motifs on the borders or teach your child to sew the two together.

5. Silk Thread Rakhi

You will need to pick an attractive and unusual coloured silk thread for this rakhi. Since it has very little apart from the thread itself, it’s important to choose a colour that isn’t bland.

You’ll need silk thread, cotton thread of the same colour, and a small bejewelled decoration like a pendant or dress embellishment. Wrap about 7 inches of the silk and cotton threads loosely around the tips of two fingers. Slide the bundled threads off your fingers while maintaining the shape created. With the cotton thread, tie a tight knot in the exact centre of the bundle and cut off the excess thread. Cut open the loops at both ends of the bundle and spread the threads out around the knot to form a circle.

You can stick, stitch, or tie the decorative piece in the centre of the thread circle. Then use the remaining silk thread to make a simple braid and tie the circle to the centre of the braid.

Your homemade rakhi for raksha bandhan is ready!

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