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Child YouTubers in India – Kids Youtube Stars

By Somya Kapoor|4 - 5 mins read| June 10, 2020

YouTube is the 2nd largest Search Engine in the world, and the reach YouTube has is massive, reaching over 1.9 billion people universally per month. 

With all that content being uploaded, the Kid you tubers are killing it!! These little munchkins are the ones who have made their audiences go crazy with their intellectual levels and activities they do at such a young age.

Take a look at some of the popular Kid youtubers who are reigning YouTube


Having more than 4 million subscribers, Anantya Anand is the leading Kid You Tuber of India, with a channel known as My Miss Anand. The cute looking girl loves making hairstyle videos, does fun drama series, gives fashion tips, funny challenge videos, and videos based on her lifestyle. 

Her videos also include family and friends. She is from a family that is already into YouTube. Shruti Arjun Anand is one of the much known Indian YouTubers and is her paternal aunt. Her mother also owns a YouTube channel named Cook with Nisha. Her family is often mentioned in newspapers and articles as one of the richest families in India when it comes to YouTubers. 


Samreen Ali is a teenage YouTube sensation who has the channel of her own name with over 80 lakhs subscribers. She lives in New Delhi. The talented teenager’s channel is loaded with entertaining drama, mostly funny genre. And it’s not just her but her brother Md. Kashif has a channel named ‘Techfire’, where he generally posts videos based on technology.

Her sister also has a channel of her own name- i.e. Mehjabeen Ali. Her channel has make-up videos, funny drama videos, and doing crazy things with her sister. 


Varchasvi Sharma- A girl not less than a doll!! The little girl’s YouTube channel is full of videos of her cheerful dancing to a number of foot-tapping songs. 

She has over 60k subscribers and gives reviews of different toys in her YouTube channel. Her dad and mom also join her in some videos as she unboxes gifts, does notorious stuff, and plays Jenga, enjoying each moment of her life. Praval Sharma, her dad, is also a famous YouTuber and his channel is Sharmaji Technical, where he gives reviews on different types of gadgets.


Wonder Girl Ayat with over 180 k subscribers, is beautiful and multi-talented Ayat’s channel. There are numerous videos that prove her varied abilities of singing, dancing, confidently giving speeches, and so on. She is a diva who also gives advices on fashion on beauty. As her channel mentions, her excellence is truly beyond words, and she is definitely a legend in the making.

As these kids have rocked YouTube, they have also inspired the kids all over the world to showcase their talent and abilities and spread a message – “What better medium than YouTube”. So clearly there are other Kid You Tubers who enjoy doing the same and what cannot be ignored are these upcoming Kid You tubers who have already started coming up as the budding talented You Tubers of India. While the above mentioned have already set a mark, these budding ones are on their way to reach up to that level. Let’s have a look at our upcoming stars-


Starrin’Daria is the YouTube channel of Daria Bedi, a cute niece of Pooja Bedi, with over 1000 subscribers. 

And guess what she is just 3 years old. Her channel features the cute moments with her mother, Tina Bedi cooking up snacks, cakes, smoothies etc. She is such an adorable yoga poser, and glimpses of her vacation can be seen in her videos.

 She is a charming person and smart enough to keep her own opinions for example- if she doesn’t want to eat cake she’ll simply say “I don’t like this cake, can I get something else”. But when she smiles with those rosy cheeks, she makes the other person smile too!!


With a YouTube channel known as Danny’s Neverland having more than 1200 subscribers, it is an attempt to capture Danish’s neverlandish moments and to share them with other kids worldwide.

The bright and confident boy shares videos on gizmos, gadgets, movies, TV shows, games, clothing, accessories, traveling, and his amazing collection of wonderful toys.

He is famous for his natural knack for international accents, which makes him a global kid with Indian values.

He is really wonder at only 6 years, and his videos justify his multi-talented avatar. He is the son of Deepak Goel, a new gen Indian Entrepreneur venturing his way as a catalyst in building a better Digital –Social Media enabled world. 

Junior Goel is truly a genius!!


Rohit Singh is a tech-savvy kid who started with giving reviews on gadgets that he had. He initially did this on his website Ronitsingh.com and later created a youtube channel for the same. 

He has over 2000 subscribers, and guess what? He also gets calls from electronic-based companies to promote and advertise their products.

 With increasing subscribers, 15-year-old Ronit is absolutely on the right track! 


Taani is a 4-year-old Toddler whose channel is Mumma_and_Taani. Their channel has approximately 1.29k subscribers.

Her videos include baby food recipes, everyday cooking recipes, fusion cooking, travelling, fashion, easy plus amazing art and craft things. 

She is accompanied by her mother, Upasana in a lot of videos and sometimes it’s just her mother who is in the video. 

A blend perfect mother-daughter duo are eventually winning hearts of people.

These wonderful kids have already got a lot to be proud of and we wish all of them good luck for their future!

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