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10 Best Most Thrilling Adventure Stories for Kids 2023

By Abbas|5 - 6 mins read| May 06, 2023|Read in हिन्दी

Reading is such an important activity that helps your child in developing a creative mind as well as boosting memory along with increasing the ability and interest of reading, which further helps in academic pursuits also. Always remember that whatever story your child reads, it leaves an impact on your kid’s mind. Therefore, they should always read a story that can leave a good message nourishing their young minds. Through this article, we help you in finding the most fantastic stories for kids to read in 2023.

There is nothing more exciting for kids than reading thrilling adventure stories that are mostly fuelled, with thrilling plots, strong and mostly superficial superpower characters. What does an adventure story need more after getting every kind of stuff includes in it such as, mystery, action, suspense, drama, fun, and after all adventure? Moreover, these stories are full of twists and turns that maintain the craze for kids getting them compelled to keep on a read. These stories help your child in improving their thinking ability, getting them mature and focus better.

Top 10 Fantastic Adventure Stories for Kids to Read 2023

1. The Harry Potter Series

This amazing series introduced in 1997, which is authored by J.K Rowling is a craze among children from the last two decades. It’s a seven-book series narrating a story about a young boy found one day that he is a wizard and then starts an adventure tale along with his two friends.

The story takes your child to a journey of a magical world with mysterious places that connects them till the end. The whole series revolves around the struggles of Harry Potter against the main antagonist- Lord Voldemort.

2. Island of the Blue Dolphins

It is a story about a young girl named Karana who fights for her survival in a forest. The narration continues with an interesting and magnificent island surrounded by the amazing sea creatures, dolphins and other animals. The great narration is about a girl waiting for a passing ship to go home from this island where she got stuck by misfortune and how she survives there finding food, making weapons and setting a life there.

Children are always excited to read such influential stories and an adventure genre.

3. Tintin

It is also a great story about Tintin, a young Belgian reporter with great courage and determination. It narrates all the adventures that he embarks through his journey with his dog Snowy. Your child will always admire his character and wise efforts for sure.

4. Tarzan of the Apes

This is one of the most fantastic stories for kids to read in 2020, which is based, upon the popular character of Tarzan who gets lost in the jungle at an early age and was raised by apes. This story series is authored by Edgar Burroughs with an idea to create an entire thrilling plot throughout the story.

The children get inspired and entertained to read such a great story that is always worth a read.

5. Complete Adventures of Feluda

This is one of the greatest fictional books written by an Indian author, Satyajit Ray. It features the character of Feluda, who is a detective in the Bengal region and narrates how he faces the mysterious challenges and various surprising twists and turns while solving them.

This series will induce your child to stick the reading with the adventurous and suspense creating plot until it ends.

6. Magnus Chase and The Gods of Asgard

This is another adventure-packed series that is written by Rick Riordan where your child will find a new world of Magnus Chase, who is the son of a Norse god. In this narration, your child reads how Magnus travels the world in pursuit of a weapon which can destroy the villain in the story.

It’s an ideal book of adventure fiction that maintains a great taste of reading throughout the story.

7. Arabian Nights

It’s a great fairytale fiction book with lots of adventure, thrilling and magical twists revolving about the roller-coaster experiences and journey throughout the Middle-East. It comprises of multiple stories and characters such as Sinbad, Aladdin and Alibaba, that your child will not forget forever.

8. The Green Ember

This is a fantastic fictional story about two rabbits who live a simple life until a series of unwanted events take place which changes their lives. The book is authored, by S.D Smith where he narrates the ordeal of those rabbits, highlighting how they face every challenge bravely and how they win the battle along with few loyal friends.

The children will get to learn so many lessons of life through this great tale.

9. Peter Pan

It reveals the story of a young boy named Peter Pan, who doesn’t want to grow up. He lives in Neverland, where angry pirates and fairies create a beauty. The tale starts when Peter meets with his other three siblings, and a journey starts through the magical places and islands of Neverland and how they fight with the villain named Captain Hook. Children are always crazy about reading such fantasy books.

10. Addison Cooke and the Treasure of the Incas

Another adventure book that is written by Jonathan W. Stokes, where Addison Cooke with his sister and best friends goes for an adventurous journey to South America on a mission to save their aunt and uncle from kidnappers.

The tale consists of not only adventure but hilarious moments with action.

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