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5 Easy Science Experiments for Kids to do at Home

By Himanshi Arora|3 - 4 mins read| July 17, 2020

Kids always love to experiments with things. They are born scientist. They always have the curiosity to love something new and as they grow older you decide to enrol them in summer camps or science classes. But Schoolmykids have some great science experiments for kids to do at home.

5 Easy Science Experiments for Kids to Do at Home

1. Invisible Ink with lemon juice

Squeeze some lemon into a glass. Take an earbud and start writing your message with lemon juice. Let it dry completely. Now, it will become invisible. So, to appear it again on the paper, hold it over the heat source. You can try this experiment with other substances such as vinegar, honey, or orange juice.

2. Walking water rainbow

What you need-

  1. 7 glasses or jars
  2. Paper towels
  3. Food colouring- Red, yellow and blue
  4. Water
  5. Scissors

How to do-

  1. Place 7 jars in line and fill alternative jars with half water
  2. Add food colouring in the jar filled with water. Red In the first and last jar, yellow to the third and blue to the fifth jar
  3. Take a paper towel, fold in half. Again, fold in half. Now, fold the long paper towel from the middle in lengthwise. Cut the ends of the towel with scissors according to the jar height. Make 6 pieces like this
  4. Put one end of the folded paper towel in one jar and other ends in the second jar. Take another paper towel and put one end in the second jar and other ends in the third jar. Repeat steps till the last jar.
  5. Now, the coloured water will transfer into the empty jar and all the jars now have the same proportion of water. The once empty jars are now filling up with the 2 colours from the jars on each side and mixing.

3. Toy Parachute

Science experiments are fun if kids make toys for themselves. With a few crafting materials, kids can easily make toy parachute.

What you need-

  1. Plastic grocery bag
  2. Paper cup
  3. Yarn or ribbon
  4. Scissors

How to make Toy Parachute-

  1. Cut the handles of the plastic bag and make 4 holes in a paper cup. Now, cut 4 pieces of yarn or ribbon of 12 inches each.
  2. Tie one end of each piece of ribbon to the cup and the other to the hole in one corner of the plastic bag.
  3. Decorate it and you are ready to launch your parachute.

4. How to fit an egg into a Bottle

  1. Boil the egg and then peel it off.
  2. Stick a candle at one end of the egg and light it
  3. Take a jar or bottle and place it upside down with the candle inside it. Let the candle warm the jar from inside and then slowly push the egg into the jar.
  4. After a few seconds, the candle may pop up and egg will slide up into the bottle.

5. Diet Coke and Mentos Eruption

What you need-

  1. A diet coke
  2. Pack of Mentos

How to do it-

  1. Drop the half pack of mentos into diet coke and run from there. A huge geyser of diet coke come flying out of the bottle. Kids will just love this eruption.
  2. Make sure that they do this experiment in an open area.
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