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3D Honey Bee Paper Craft for kids

By Dr Archana Yeolekar|1 - 2 mins read| June 24, 2021

Hello Kids! Honey bees make honey. They are bright yellow and black. Ouch, their sting hurts but they toil hard to suck nectar from flowers and make honey. We all love honey! It is sweet and goes with almost anything, bread, cakes juices it just blends so well. Honeybees are a sign of positivity, prosperity and happiness. People gift honeybee charms as a token of good luck and wealth. So today let’s make a beautiful 3d honey bee craft and gift it as a token of our love and positivity to our friends and family. Let’s get started by following these simple steps.

Material Required

  • Pink paper 
  • Black paper 
  • Yellow paper 
  • Sketchpens
  • Googly eyes
  • Scissors
  • Glue

How to make DIY HoneyBee Paper Craft

  1. We need a yellow sheet of paper first. 
  2. Draw and cut two hearts using this sheet of paper. 
  3. Now take a black sheet of paper and cut two similar-sized hearts like the yellow one’s.
  4. Once done, stick the hearts one after the other with the yellow heart first followed by black in alternate fashion.
  5. Now we need to make the wings of the bee.
  6. Use a pink coloured sheet of paper to cut two pink hearts.
  7. Stick them on either side of the body.
  8. Next, cut two antennas using black coloured paper and stick it on top of the yellow head.
  9. Once done, cut two small hearts using a pink sheet of paper and stick them on top of the antennas.
  10.  After this, use googly eyes to stick on the face of the honeybee.
  11. Add details to the face using sketchpens.
  12. That’s it! Your beautiful honey bee craft is now ready!

Try for yourself!



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