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13 Best Fun Indoor Games for Kids

By Himanshi Arora|5 - 6 mins read| August 04, 2020

Playing games is not only fun but a stress booster. So it’s very important to engage your kids in some activities. Also, during this quarantine everyone is at their home. This is the best time to play with your kids. Make full use of it by playing some interesting games with your kids at home.

13 Best Fun Indoor Games for Kids

1. Race on the Bottles track.

What you need-

  1. Bottles

How to play Race on the Bottles Track

1. Place bottles in a line at some distance.

2. If 2 persons are playing it then make 2 rows like this.

3. Each person has to run in a zig-zag way from between the bottles without touching it.

4. The person who reaches first to the endpoint will be the winner.

5. Play it for as many hours as you like.

2. Pushups

How to play-

You have to do pushups. So when you go up, the kid has to go from below you and when you go down, the kid has to jump over you.

This is a very fun activity for kids and a very good exercise for you as well. So, whenever you feel like doing a physical activity then this is best to do with kids.

3. Pictionary

Pictionary is a classic game of drawing and guessing the pictures.

What you need-

  1. Paper or board
  2. Pen or chalk

How to play Pictionary

1. Make some chits and write down the different word on each chit

2. Drop them in a bowl

3. Ask your child to pick one chit and draw the object on the board. You have to guess it. Alternatively, draw and guess.

4. Card games

Cards are always a fun game. It is good for child development as they can learn about colours, numbers and different characters in a deck of cards.

What you need for Card Games-

  1. A deck of cards

How to play Card Games-

1. Play simple games with kids like making cards from number 1 to 10 or 1 to 13.

2. For example, distribute 10 cards to each player and they have to make them in a series of 1 to 10 by picking and throwing from the rest of the cards. Those who will make first will be the winner

3. Play Other games like go fish etc.

You can also opt for Uno which is also a fun alternative.

5. Puzzles

What you need-

  1. Different kinds of a picture or word puzzles

How to play Puzzles-

1. The kid needs to set the pieces of the puzzle together to form a picture if it is a picture puzzle.

2. Words puzzles are excellent for older kids in order to improve their vocabulary.

6. Catching in a cup

What you need-

  1. Few balls
  2. Plastic cup
  3. Table

How to play Catching in a Cup-

1. The kid will hold the cup on one side of the table

2. You have to pass the ball through the table and the kid will catch it in the cup.

7. Hide and seek

With some space inside the house, you can play this for hours.

What you need-

  1. Some space in your house

How to play Hide and Seek-

1. Ask your child to count from 1 to 20 and you all need to hide somewhere

2. Once the seeker is done with counting, he will have to go to find others

3. The first person to be caught has to count for the next time while others have to hide again.

8. Catch the ball

This is a very interesting and simple game. It can be played anytime anywhere. You just need a ball.

What you need-

  1. Ball

How to play Catch the Ball-

1. As many members can play this game.

2. They just need to throw a ball and another person has to catch it. Then in this way, each player will throw the ball to a different player.

9. Ludo

Ludo is a strategy board game played by two or four players.

What you need-

  1. Ludo board with a dice and Ludo pieces

How to play Ludo-

1. Each person gets to roll the dice and move the Ludo pieces as many spaces as the number of the dice.

2. The person who first reaches home with all four Ludo pieces will win the game

3. It is a very easy and fun game to play with your kids.

10. Snakes and Ladders

It is an ancient Indian game to be played with two or more players.

What you need-

  1. Snakes and ladders board and a dice

How to play Snakes and Ladders-

1. Each person gets to roll the dice and move as many spaces as the number of the dice.

2. If you reach a ladder, climb up and if you reach a snake, need to drop down to the tail.

11. Carrom

Carrom is perfect for some family time.

What you need-

  1. Carrom board
  2. Carrom powder
  3. Striker
  4. Carrom pieces

How to play Carrom-

1. One by one, each player has to hit the carrom pieces into the side pockets with the striker

2. Different coloured coins have different values

3. The one with the highest value carrom pieces will win the game

4. Play in groups to make it more interesting

12. Freeze dance

What you need-

  1. Music
  2. Some space to dance

How to do Freeze Dance-

1. Play your children favourite songs and they will dance

2. When you’ll stop the song they need to freeze in that position.

3. Continue it till you are enjoying.

13. Sorting colours

What you need-

  1. Different colour Balls or marbles
  2. Bowl

How to play Sorting Colours-

1. Mix up all the balls of different colours together

2. Ask your kid to sort items of different colours in a different bowl.

It’s better to play with balls, as kids can choke marbles which are hazardous.

Try out these fun games at home with your kids and let us know in the comment section which one you like the most?

Be safe, stay healthy.

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