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What to Do During Delayed Speech or Language Development?

By Kanika Gautam|2 - 3 mins| July 21, 2020

Languages, as well as speech skills, are an imperative aspect of a child’s personality development. The reason being that excellent communication skills enable a child to engage effectively in socialization. Language is the first step towards learning to converse and get social. However, some kids show signs of delayed speech, and this can have an adverse impact on their overall development. This has been a subject of study for many experts who deal with kids and their language development. Let us shed some light on to-dos for language development.

What Are Different Signs Of Language Development Disorder?

If your child is not responding to different sounds, you should go to a doctor. However, many times, the parents are not able to realize whether their child is having delayed speech or not. Thus, if you find that the child cannot meet the language development stages as specified by experts, you should definitely visit the doctor.

Ways To Encourage Language Development Among Kids

As parents, you can lend a helping hand to your kids for developing language development. Here are some practical ways of doing so:

Focus On Effectual Communication

Try to talk as much as possible with your kid. Indulge in signs, sing songs, and encourage imitation of different sounds as well as gestures. Kids love repetition, and it is a well-known fact that they learn when things are repeated for them. Thus, you can make sure that you repeat the same language signs again and again so that the child can learn the signs easily. 

Make A Reading Routine

Make a habit of reading stories to your kid when he or she is still a baby. There are many online resources available that are age-specific and can become interesting for the kid. You can make use of many picture books or soft board books so that you can help the kid identify different objects.

Try To Use Everyday Situations

As per experts, you can make proper use of everyday situations around you to help the child move forward on the path of language development. Name different items lying around you, such as food items, your kid’s play items, or try to explain your actions like when you are cooking or cleaning the room. However, make sure that you should avoid indulging in ‘baby talks’ as this may confuse your child.

Use Appropriate Gestures

Make use of appropriate gestures to explain different words to your kid. Waving or pointing towards different words can help the child identify the specific object with a specific word. You can even use different animal sounds to get the child to identify the sounds connected with the said animal.

Make Cut-Outs 

Make cut-outs of pictures of familiar objects and hang them around your kid. You can categorize them into different aspects, such as things you can drink, things you can eat, things you wear, etc. Once the kid starts recognizing the objects, you can even mix and match and then show to the kid. 

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