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Monsoon Games For Kids

By SchoolMyKids Counsellor|2 - 3 mins| December 13, 2022

Quick And Easy Rainy Day Activities For Kids So They Can Enjoy The Rains. The rainy season evokes all kinds of emotions in people as well as kids – some love the rains, others can barely stand it. Especially for young children, getting out in the rain can serve many purposes including boosting their immunity. But then again, too much of a good thing is bad – so, here’s a list of indoor and outdoor rainy day activities for kids!

List of Monsoon Games for Kids – Rainy Day Activities

Origami Competition

This age-old Japanese form of artworks wonders for children’s brain development. It enhances their spatial reasoning ability, improves hand-eye coordination and allows them to explore their creative side. You can put this to great use by organizing origami competitions. Get the kids to create their own origami paper boats. This is one of the best rainy day activities you can get your kids involved in.

Boat Race!

The rainy season can get very gloomy unless you get some physical activity in. So dress the kids up in the best children’s rainwear and step out! Find yourself a sufficiently wide stream of flowing rainwater. Using the boats they made on their own for the competition, get the kids to have a boat race just for fun!

Science + Art = Magic!

Believe it or not, you can use rainy day activities to teach children science through art! You will need plain paper plates, water paints, and oil paints. Begin by letting your children put blobs of water paints on the paper plates. Let them run around with these plates as the rain spreads out the colours to form beautiful, unique patterns. Repeat the same with oil paints, then compare the patterns to teach your children how oil and water don’t mix. You can use the patterns to explain the concept of gravity, too!

Liquid Rainbow

Monsoon games are great opportunities to study practical science. Guide kids to observe how flowing objects denser and heavier than water will sink and get deposited on the ground. Seed in the concept of density by creating a liquid rainbow. Using liquids of seven densities coloured as the seven stripes of the rainbow, pour them serially into a transparent container. When the layers remain separate, you can explain to your kids how density works.

Indoor Camping

Indoor rainy day activities for kids begin to get monotonous and boring by mid-monsoon. This is the perfect time to switch things up and do the unexpected! Assign your kids the task of setting up indoor tents and organizing a full-blown camping trip – in the bedroom! Such monsoon activities help enhance children’s resourcefulness.

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