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Best Healthy Breakfasts Your Kids Will Love – Nutritional Indian Breakfast for School Going Kids

By Priyanka A|3 - 4 mins| February 08, 2020

Being healthy is the key to happy life. Maintaining a balanced diet and doing regular exercise is a must in order to be healthy, particularly for school going kids. A proper healthy diet will not only enhance their overall growth but also provide them with a healthy start in life. A nutritional diet can help them to prevent diseases and avoid various medical problems in future as well. Read this article for list of Healthy Breakfasts Your Kids Will Love. Know about some of the most Tasty And Healthy Indian Breakfast Recipes For Kids. You can also Read Healthy Lunchbox Ideas for your School going Kids.

For a healthy life a healthy diet is a necessity and for a healthy diet importance of breakfast needs to be understood. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! It energises you for the entire day and helps in increasing the overall concentration power of the child as well as memory retention power. Thus it becomes important for parents to know the best nutritional items they can serve their kids in the morning so that their kids have a long day full of energy.

Here is a list of best nutritional breakfast for your school going kid, Kids can have these on holidays or these can be part of your ideas for healthy breakfast for kids before school.

1. Carrots Oats Dosa

This is one complete package of nutrition for your child going to school. It not only has enough protein but enough fibre that makes it one of the best balanced diet breakfast for your kid.

2. Vegetable poha

This is the simplest as well as lightest breakfast for your child in the morning. It serves as a mixture of iron, vitamin B, carbohydrates and protein from this mixture.

3. Chapati rolls with paneer filling

A simple yet the most common breakfast dish of many Indian houses. The child gets a good amount of protein and carbohydrates to keep your child energetic for the entire day.

4. Egg Omelette

Eggs are the best source of protein. It contains Choline which is essential in development of brain. Eggs also contain various other nutrients that contribute in the child’s physical development.

5. Milk/Milkshake with fruits and whole grain cereals

This is the most natural breakfast you can give to your kid. What better than having 100% natural food in the morning? It will give your child the refreshing energy he would need for the entire day.

6. Veggie Sandwiches

This is yet another nutritional breakfast for your child that gives enough protein and carbohydrates needed by your child to endure an entire day of physical as well as mental activities

7. Oats and Apple Porridge

Oats are protein high, low fat and full of fibre along with being a tasty light snack meal for your kid. It enhances the immune response to diseases and is good for skin.


What is your child’s favorite breakfast? or Which is the most Healthy Breakfast? Share with us healthy breakfast ideas here!

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