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Get Creative With Your Child’s Lunch Box!

By Suchita Arora|2 - 3 mins| November 24, 2022

Cute And Fun Lunch Box Ideas To Ensure Your Kids Eat Their Lunch At School. Parenting school-age children is a demanding task. For most mothers like me, waking up at ungodly hours is a prerequisite to motherhood. We sacrifice our sleep so we can pack healthy meals for children in our kids’ tiffin boxes. That’s why it is heartbreaking when kids return from school without eating their packed lunch. Here are a few school lunch box ideas that will put an end to the heartbreak and bring you empty tiffins!

1. Fruit Tattoos

Most of us have had our kids being pulled up at school for bearing a sticker “tattoo”. They’re made of some material that simply doesn’t come off the skin no matter how hard you rub! If you pack fruits in your child’s lunch box, consider hoarding these sticker tattoos and stick them on fruits that have to be peeled before eating. Fruits are perfect additions to vegetarian lunch boxes. Oranges and bananas make for great tattoo canvases!

2. Smiley Stickers

Normally, there isn’t just one lunch box that carries everything you want your child to eat. There are multiple self-sealing bags or lunch boxes for kids that make up the full meal. Try doing this: pick smileys that suit the flavour of what’s inside the bag/tiffin box and stick them on to the respective packs. You can buy or get smiley charts printed on to sticker paper in different shapes and sizes.

3. Notes To Your Child

Every morning, before deciding what to make for your child’s tiffin box, there’s a lot going through your mind. You check the raw materials in your kitchen and try to think of a kids’ lunch box recipe they enjoy eating. Consider writing down the little things that cross your mind, any you can send them as notes with the packed lunch for your kids! Remember to adjust the language as per your child’s age. This practice can help parents bond with their children even in their teenage years.

4. Designer Sandwiches!

It is common practice to cut off the crusts when you’re packing sandwiches in your child’s lunch box for school. That leaves you with boring old square-shaped sandwiches that look like any other sandwiches. Bring out your cookie cutters and fancy-shaped moulds! Cut interesting shapes out of the regular slices of bread to create something extraordinary! This is one of the most effective lunch box ideas for kids around 3-8 years of age. Not only will they show off their tiffin box to their friends, but they will also eat every last bite of it.

5. No Heat Lunch

It does really hurt when kids come back home with uneaten lunch boxes. When you ask them why, they may often say it was no fun to eat it cold. Indian moms are known to try everything to keep their children’s lunch boxes warm but that may not always work. For times when you can’t keep it warm, make food that is just as delicious without heating. Sandwiches, salads, wraps and rolls and other Western or Middle Eastern foodstuffs make for perfect no heat lunch recipes for kids.

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