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First Baby Syndrome

By Shipra Saith|2 - 3 mins| July 17, 2020

The privileged, precious firstborn, history also speaks well about the preferences given to the firstborn in the family. The eldest one gets the Throne. The firstborn gets the preference.

The firstborn child is the pampered one. They are given more attention and time and love to the point they are blessed with the second sibling.

The love and affection and undivided attention of parents being divided and shared with the younger sibling are not acceptable by the firstborn. It results in a change in behavior and nature of the child. Being eldest is not easy it’s always easier to be born younger and blame elder for your mistakes.

Everything first of firstborn is celebrated and given attention their order cannot be controlled it is natural and has to be rewarded and appreciated they are the ones to make our position first in everything. The First baby calls for mom and the framing of date and time is done. Her first footsteps are recorded her everything first is larger than life and then suddenly when the second sibling arrives all attention is divided love is shared everything is shared which changes their personality.

The importance of upbringing the first child lies in the hand of parents. Firstborn tend to become quite shy, introvert and looks for love in eyes of his parent’s grandparents and relatives who tend to speak only about the second little bundle of joy. The firstborn try copying the little one to attract closed ones with her actions.

The First baby needs to be taken care of when the second sibling is born. More attention and importance should be given to the first one for some time so they adjust with all changes happening in their life. With time they become close to their second sibling and things become smooth they become possessive caring dominating authoritative for their younger sibling.

The problem arises when it is assumed the eldest to be more responsible for them to succeed in whatever they do become the way of being loved and accepted by parents and closed ones. They work hard and try to achieve things to please their parents. They start telling lies just to seek attention and love from there folks which result in depression at an early age. The constant comparison and expectations from the first one take away their childhood at an early age and they become adult in their nature and behavior and action.

Most of the firstborn can be found with the below traits:

  1. Structured
  2. Achiever
  3. Cautious
  4. Controlling
  5. Reliable
  6. Conscientious
  7. Responsible
  8. Motivated
  9. Perfectionists
  10. Leader/bossy
  11. Emotionally Intense.

To Rule, the world is their policy to excel in what they do is their mission so that they can set an example for younger siblings to act and react on those terms set by them otherwise they will be blamed for the failure of the younger sibling. The First baby is special and they should be handled with the care they are the ones to make parents proud first. The time spend with the first baby is always very special and that’s irreplaceable. Parents should keep telling their first baby how special they are and how lucky parents and younger sibling is to have the firstborn in their life.

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About The Author:

Shipra Saith

Author of this article is a mother of two beautiful daughters 5 and 7-year-old and loves to share her experiences of parenthood.

Last Updated: Fri Jul 17 2020

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