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Need help with baby names? Find the Perfect Name for Your Baby! Find the Best name for your Newborn baby here using the largest list of baby names available.

Choosing your baby's name is a big responsibility and we know how difficult it is for you to name your newborn baby Boy or Girl. It's the name that he or she will carry for his or her life. SchoolMyKids Parenting section provides you baby names list from every origin and religion with detailed information related to the name like Meaning, Gender, Origin, Language, religion, Astrology, numerology and related names. The list contains Baby Boy names, Baby Girl Names, and Unisex Names.

SchoolMyKids Baby Name Finder have various tools to ease out the most difficult task for new Parents – Finding the Perfect name.

Baby Names By Origin

As we know there are many Origins from where various names specific to their cultures have emerged. Explore baby names related to your origin, culture and family