Yiddish Baby Names With Meanings

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Yiddish Baby Names List

AberYiddish form of Abraham which means Father of a might nation.Boy
AberlinYiddish form of Abraham which means Father of a multitudes.Boy
AbrashaYiddish form of Abraham, meaning Father of a multitudes.Boy
AhronYiddish form of Aaron, meaning mountain.Boy
AizikYiddish form of Yitzchak, meaning he will laugh.Boy
AlteAn old woman.Girl
AncelFortunate, blessed, happyBoy
AnschilYiddish form of Asher, meaning fortunate, blessed, and happy.Boy
AnshelYiddish form of Asher, meaning fortunate, blessed, and happy.Boy
AreleYiddish form of Aaron, meaning mountain.Boy
ArkeThe light-bringer.Boy
AverAver is the short form of Abraham and means father of multitude.Boy
AvromA form of Abraham, meaning father of a multitude.Boy
BadaneGiven by God.Girl
BailaOne who is a beautiful form of danceGirl
BaileOne who is troubled.Girl
BineA form of Bin, meaning bee.Girl
BlumaA Flower, BloomGirl
BlumeYiddish word for flower.Girl
BreineOne who is blessed.Boy
ChasyeShelter. A variant of Chasya.Girl
ChatzkelGod strengthens.Boy