Welsh Baby Names With Meanings

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Welsh Baby Names List

AberforthIn Gaelic, this name means 'from the river'Boy
AddienA pleasant or a beautiful girlGirl
AelwenA fair eyebrows, not blackGirl
AelwinOne with the blessed eyebrowGirl
AeronaThe end of battleGirl
AeronwenThe winner or victor of a battleBoy
AeronwyThe battle winnerBoy
AerowynThe victorious person from the battleBoy
AfonA river, or a stream or waterUnisex
AledWelsh - A Child, Offspring; A Variant name for Girls is AledwenBoy
AlunA stony, fair and handsome being who is in sync with harmony, nobility and peaceBoy
AlwynTeutonic: Loved by All; German: Friend; English: Noble,Wise Friend; A derivative of name AlwinBoy
AmandeepLamp of peace; an urge to find freedom and to enjoy life to the fullest they have a restless heartGirl
AndrasOld Greek - Male; Manly; Brave; Virility; A variant of name AndreaBoy
AneurinCeltic - High Minded; A variation of name is AneirinBoy
AnyonCeltic - AnvilBoy
ArdentThe ArdentBoy
AriandaThe one who is holy and sereneGirl
ArthyenCornish form of the Welsh name Arthen. It means bear born.Boy
ArvelWelsh - Wept Over; Arval is a variant of name ArvelBoy
ArwenNoble maiden; a holy and blessed individualGirl
AurynA powerful person; golden haired individualUnisex
AwdrieEverlasting inspirationBoy
AwenA muse; interesting personGirl
BainesThe son of EinwsBoy