Ukrainian Baby Names With Meanings

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Ukrainian Baby Names List

AnichkaGrace, a graceful womanGirl
AntinAntin comes from the Roman clan name Antonius and means worthy of praise.Boy
BodashkaGod's giftBoy
BohdanaGiven by GodGirl
BohdankoGod's giftBoy
BohuslavaA woman who always glorifies the almighty.Girl
BoryskoA warrior, one who is capable of fighting.Boy
BoryslavOne who likes fighting for fame.Boy
DanyletsGod is my judgeBoy
DanylkoJudge, a person who makes good judgement.Boy
DarynaThe gift of GodGirl
FaddeiA boy who is brave and valiant.Boy
FadeyA man who is bold and very braveBoy
FadeykaA man who is brave and valiant.Boy
FadeyushkaBrave and courageousBoy
FedirGift from aboveBoy
GalynaA girl who stays calm and quite in every situation. Calmness.Girl
GannaFavor, a woman who is full of grace.Girl
GeorgiyUkrainian variant of George, meaning farmer.Boy
GlibHair of GodBoy
GrygoriyUkrainian variant of Gregory, meaning watchful or alert.Boy
HeorhiyFarmer, one belonging to farming occupationBoy
IgorA man protected by God.Boy