Teutonic Baby Names With Meanings

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Teutonic Baby Names List

AdalardA noble person who is braveBoy
AeilmarOne who inspires awe, awesomeBoy
AelgarA bright shining spearBoy
AelmarAwesome or awe-inspiringBoy
AlfonsaTeutonic - Eager for War; Enthusiastic; Noble Warrior; Female Version of Alfonso NobleGirl
AmahnaThe end; a high industrious place which needs to be lovedGirl
AmeryThe one who is industrious, hard working and fertile; a workhorseBoy
AricPraiseworthy ruler, dignified leaderBoy
AubertaAn intelligent personGirl
AyllmerA noble and famous personBoy
AylmarOne who has an amazing fameBoy
BrainardA bold raven; a bold person who is compared to a ravenBoy
CavellA bold oneBoy
CenredAn old King who is a daydreamerBoy
CrosbySomeone who resides by the sign of the crossBoy
DedrickA gifted and popular rulerBoy
DedrikOne who is a gifted and the most powerful rulerBoy
DellwinSelf-respecting individualBoy
DelwynA wonderful beingBoy
DicksonRichard; strong ruler; a leaderBoy
DwijarajOne who is a white or a blondeBoy
EckehartStrong; deer a scared oneBoy
EdolieGood person and a kind beingBoy
EdolinaHelping and pleasant natureGirl