Complete List of South Indian Baby Names with Meanings

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Baby names by Alphabet

Name Meaning Gender Favourites
Abhinavan Young, fresh or modern Boy
Abhinayan One who is an actor, one who acts Boy
Abhiseka The method of purifying and cleaning Boy
Abhitha A fearless or a courageous woman Girl
Abijith The one who conquers, or victorious Boy
Abirami A pleasant and beautiful girl Girl
Achyutam One who cannot be destroyed or decayed Boy
Adalarachan The monarch or king of dance Boy
Adalarasen The master of dance or king of dance Boy
Adaleru A brave man, on who never been destroyed Boy
Adhibhan A leader or one who is born to win Boy
Adhibu One who is superior of all Boy
Adhiyamaan The king of the sun, a solar king Boy
Adithan The leader who belongs to the Sun Boy
Asistha 1. Very quick. 2. fast; swift; agile; active. Girl
Bhaanumati Full of luster Girl
Bhaanupriya Beloved of the sun Girl
Eashwari A name of Goddess Parvati Girl
Jeyasilan A victorious warrior; Lord Shiva Boy
Kaalappan The father of time or the Lord of time Boy
Krishna-dwaipayana A dark wise or sage Vyasa Boy
Kuppuram The princely state, or the highest king Boy
Meyappan A true person, who always honest and true Boy
Mooppan A prime person, a head of community Boy
Moorthy An idol, mainly of a God Boy
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