Slovene Baby Names With Meanings

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Slovene Baby Names List

AlfonzSlovene form of Alfonso, meaning noble and ready.Boy
AljažDerived from a Slovene surname.Boy
AljošaSlovene form of Alyosha, meaning helper or defenderBoy
AlojzFamous WarriorBoy
AlojzijSlovene form of Aloysius, meaning a noble warrior.Boy
AlojzijaWar, battleGirl
AmadejSlovene form of Amadeus, meaning to love God.Boy
AmbrožSlovene form of Ambrosius, meaning immortal.Boy
AndražSlovene form of Andrew, meaning manly.Boy
AnejSlovene form of Aeneas, meaning praise.Boy
AntonijaAnother form of Antonia; the one who is worthy of praise and is pricelessGirl
AnzeVariant of Janez, meaning God is gracious.Boy
AvguštinGreat and venerableBoy
BlažSlovene form of Blag, meaning 'pleasant or gentle'.Boy
BogomirGod is great.Boy
BojanOne who fights in battlesBoy
BojanaShe who is a fighter in the battlesGirl
BorPine treeBoy
BorutDiminutive of Boris, meaning snow leopardBoy
BostjanShort form of Sebastjan and means from Sebaste.Boy
BoškoGod givenBoy
BoženaShe who is DivineGirl