Sikh Baby Names Starting With J

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Sikh Baby Names That Starts with J List

JackquelinMay God protect herGirl
JaganmohiniThe name of Goddess DurgaGirl
JagatjotThe light that exists on the WorldBoy
JagatroopThe essence of the universeBoy
JaghrThe enlightmement and the awakeningBoy
JagvinderHe is the lord of everythingBoy
JaikaarTo win gloriouslyBoy
JaipalHe who protects the vicorsBoy
JamarA beautiful manBoy
JambertVariation of Lambert meaning a bright placeBoy
JanaiaGod has heardGirl
JanakiramGod's name, name of Janki's husbandBoy
JanakpreetFatherly loveBoy
JanakrindianSon of JanakiBoy
JanalHe who is cute and sweetBoy
JanaleeGod is graciousGirl
JanalizA wood used for making bowsGirl
JananaAn ancestorBoy
JanavikaOne who gathers knoledgeGirl
JanayeGod has heard and gave an answerGirl
JanberkOne who likes to explore, creative and full of youthGirl
JanceyOne from the glenGirl
JancisCombination name of Jan and Francis, one who is from FranceBoy
JandaA flagBoy
JaneaGod is graciousGirl